Carlie Hanson has released a tour video for her incredible new track, WYA.

The catchy pop/rock anthem – which serves as the second single from her upcoming debut EP, Junk – sees the American singer-songwriter writing a “love letter” to her future self.

“Are you happy right now where you at, girl? Do you still get drunk when you’re sad, girl? Did you finally find love in this mad world?” she asks on the track. “Did you grow up a little too fast, girl? ‘Cause if you did, you can always go back, girl.”

WYA is now available on iTunes and streaming services – check out the tour video below.

When we interviewed Carlie last year, she opened up about her music, her sexuality and struggles with mental health.

“I fall in love with different people all the time,” she told us. “Different genders, different personalities… I don’t really think about it when I’m interested in someone, y’know?”

The singer – who toured with Troye Sivan last year– added: “Seeing Troye out there is really inspiring.

“It’s important, especially in our generation right now, where times are changing and queer is becoming a more common thing, people need to know about us. I think we’re doing a great job, making it an important conversation.”

Carlie also said it’s important for her to speak up about her mental health issues because of the feedback she’s had from fans.

“I got a lot of messages from people talking about how they relate, and I told them that I can talk to them any time, and they can talk to me any time. It’s real, and a lot of people – especially this generation – struggle with it, and it needs to be talked about. We need to be able to help each other.”