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C’mon RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars, let’s get… international! As always, rumours are rife over which incredible queens will make their comeback on the show’s Hunger Games-esque counterpart, and with this iteration including contestants from all corners of the ever-expanding franchise, speculation is at an all-time high. This is what viewers have been waiting for, honey! The ultimate showdown to see which country will come out on top for charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent. After scouring the web, we’ve collected the nine queens from the US original, Drag Race Thailand, Drag Race UK, Canada’s Drag Race and Drag Race Holland who are rumoured to appear on the first ever season of UK vs the World. Trust us when we say: it’s a gag-worthy line-up and you are not ready!

Baga Chipz (Drag Race UK season 1)

Original Placement: 3rd

Challenge Wins: 3

Baga Chipz memorably competed on the inaugural season of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK, where she became the first queen in herstory to win three maxi-challenges in five episodes. She ultimately placed third behind Divina De Campo and The Vivienne. Baga became an instant fan-favourite due to her “common as muck” sense of humour, one-liners (“much betta!”) and instantly iconic performance as Margaret Thatcher in Snatch Game. Don’t even get us started on the iTunes number two-peaking hit Break Up Bye Bye! Can she bag(a) the crown this time?

Blu Hydrangea (Drag Race UK season 1)

Original Placement: 5th

Challenge Wins: 1

Northern Irish queen Blu Hydrangea shattered pre-conceived notions of her charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent on Drag Race UK season one. As a self-proclaimed Instagram queen, fans expected Blu to serve looks and not much else. While she killed the runway with her to-die-for mug and quirky fashion, Blu proved her skills as an entertain(t)er with her now-iconic Break Up Bye Bye performance and bonkers ‘Dirty Mary Berry’ impersonation on Snatch Game. It’s been two years since her original stint (which is basically 10 Drag Race years) – can she beat the odds for a second time and triumph as the first ever Irish queen?

Cheryl Hole (Drag Race UK season 1)

Original Placement: 4th

Challenge Wins: 0

We don’t know about you, but we are not ready for another week season 0f Cheryl Hole doing mediocre. Although the Essex diva sashayed away in fourth place, she failed to land a single maxi-challenge win over the course of the series which was – SAY IT WITH US NOW – undeserved! As one of the most meme-able queens in herstory (facts are facts), Cheryl is guaranteed to make gag-worthy television. if you didn’t see the star decked out in full-glam as she served roast dinners and fell in horse shit on Celebs on the Farm, change that immediately. Oh and we can’t forget, Cheryl is a formidable lip-syncer and girl-group pop princess, so we have no doubt in our minds that she will mothertucking slay. Cheryl Hole will give us a show!

Janey Jacké (Drag Race Holland season 1)

Original Placement: 2nd

Challenge Wins: 2

Janey Jacké is hungry for that crown, honey! Shortly after her elimination on Drag Race Holland, where she placed runner-up behind Envy Peru, the fierce competitor told GAY TIMES: “All Stars is calling! I’m hungry. I would love to be there. I cannot wait to see what All Stars is gonna bring out of me and what I can bring to that platform. I just love competing – it felt like my natural habitat!” Janey was one of the highlights of Drag Race Holland thanks to her runways, comedic timing and sharp wit. The rumours of her involvement with Drag Race International All Stars feels… right.

Jimbo (Canada’s Drag Race season 1)

Original Placement: 4th

Challenge Wins: 1

She has to, surely? On the first season of Canada’s Drag Race, Jimbo was the most championed contestant on social media. We would’ve said “arguably the most” but she had a petition after her elimination, so. It was understandable too, as Jimbo cemented her status as one of the franchise’s supreme comedians with her performances in the Heritage short film, law-firm commercial and Snatch Game impersonation of Joan Rivers. The latter, especially, received heaps of praise from fans, the judges and queens online. Justice for Jimbo, honestly.

Jujubee (Drag Race season 2, All Stars 1, All Stars 5)

Original Placement: 3rd (season 2), 3rd/4th (All Stars 1), 2nd/3rd (All Stars 5)

Challenge Wins: 1

If the rumours are true (and usually they are), then Jujubee will make Drag Race herstory as the first queen to compete on three different seasons of All Stars. Shangela is shaking! The fan-favourite made her first appearance in season two, where she became the franchise’s first ever lip-sync assassin. After stalling in third place, she made her comeback for the first season of All Stars as part of a duo with her best pal, Raven. But, after failing to land a challenge win (again), she lost out on the crown for a second time. Juju refused to give up, however, as she returned for a third time on the fifth season of All Stars. She didn’t win, Shea Coulee put a stop to that, but it worked out in her favour as a new generation of fans were introduced to her fierceness. Maybe fourth time’s the charm?

Lemon (Canada’s Drag Race season 1)

Original Placement: 5th

Challenge Wins: 2

Flips, high-kicks and handstands into the splits – Lemon can do it all! On Canada’s Drag Race season one, the star also proved that she could be an SNL alum with her Snatch Game performance of YouTube personality (and queer icon) Jojo Siwa. Her transformation into Miss Fitts – a spoiled beauty pageant contestant – was killer too, and saw the star beat out comedic heavyweight Jimbo for the win. Her e-lemon-ation at the hands of Rita Baga was controversial as hell, so her inclusion on this list comes as no surprise. Lemon expressed interest in returning too, as she told GAY TIMES that she’s planning on reuniting with Michelle Visage on All Stars when she wins that crown.

Monique Heart (Drag Race season 10, All Stars 4)

Original Placement: 8th (season 10), 3rd/4th place (All Stars 4)

Challenge Wins: 3

You ready to feel the ooh-ahh sensation for a third time? Yes is the only correct answer! Drag Race’s most iconic confessional queen (facts are facts America!), Monique Heart failed to live up to expectations with her short time on season 10. We all know why, don’t we? Budget. With more money at her disposal, she took no prisoners on All Stars – including Latrice Royale – and stomped her way to the final, where she placed joint third/fourth with Naomi Smalls. In retrospect, with three maxi-challenge wins and zero flop performances, Monique was more deserving of that crown than most of her competitors. If she does shantay into the werkroom for a third time, we’re in for a show-stopping season.

Pangina Heals (Drag Race Thailand season 1 and 2)

Original Placement: Co-host

The goopery! The gaggery! The gumption! Imagine if this rumour is true? You have to give full credit to the producers at World of Wonder, right, because how do you top a former winner (Bebe Zahara Benet) strutting back into the werkroom? Put a co-host in there! Alongside Art Arya, Pangina Heals hosted both seasons of the first international version of the series, Drag Race Thailand, which made its debut in 2018. At one point, she even decided which queens made the top five. This is like RuPaul throwing into the ring! As the first All Stars contestant to not compete on a regular series, all eyes will be on Pangina to deliver the charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent that she’s critiqued the Thailand contestants for over the years. Out of all the queens on this list, she has the most to lose. Can she deliver?