“Maybe I am learning from my brave son.”

Netflix’s latest original series Sex Education premiered earlier this month to universal acclaim from critics. The coming-of-age dramedy received praise for the cast’s performances, for tackling sensitive subjects and its diverse representation of the LGBTQ community.

The streaming service later announced that the series was on pace to have 40 million streams within its first month of release, becoming one of Netflix’s most successful shows in history.

In celebration, we’ve rounded up the queerest moments from the show, such as Eric’s relationship with his father, Jackson’s same-sex parents and that hilarious deep-throat banana scene…

“Suck suck suck a dick!”

In the second episode, Eric tries to break the ice with The Untouchables and his unrequited crush, Anwar, by teaching the group how to deepthroat… with a banana. It results in a Family Guy-esque scene when Olivia chokes on her banana and throws up on Eric, which then results in Eric throwing up on Ruby. Anwar, who recorded the whole thing, uploads the video onto the internet, which is then shared with all his classmates. Nasty bastard.

“I’m really freaked out by bumholes.”

After Otis and Maeve’s scheme to draw in customers to their new business succeeds, Otis is approached by several students for advice on their sexual troubles. One of which, is Anwar, who proclaims to Otis that he is having troubles with his sex life because he’s “freaked out by bumholes.” It’s a shame we didn’t get to see this particular storyline explored in more depth…

Eric and Lily’s makeover

The show’s breakout character (fact), Lily Iglehart, visits Eric’s house to lose her virginity, unaware of his homosexuality. The pair then get dolled up with makeup and costumes, before Eric introduces Lily to gay porn. Eric’s father, who’s uncomfortable with his flamboyancy, then catches them in the act and demands that Lily leave. We’ll discuss Eric’s relationship with his father in more depth later on…

Ruthie and Tanya’s lack of sexual chemistry

During the fourth episode, new couple Ruthie and Tanya seek the help of Otis when they find that there’s not much sexual chemistry between them. Ruthie later confides in Otis that she doesn’t feel sexually attracted to Tanya, and that the two became an item because they were the only out lesbians in the school. Poor Tanya.

Jackson’s same-sex parents

When Maeve and Jackson’s relationship reaches a new level, he introduces her to his parents, who happen to be an interracial lesbian couple. Up until this point, there was no mention of Jackson having two mothers, and when it was revealed to the audience, it was a nice surprise because it wasn’t made out to be a big deal. It was completely normalised, and this is exactly the type of LGBTQ representation we need to see more of on our screens.

Eric’s homophobic attack

The most infuriating and heartbreaking moment from the series occurs in the show’s fifth episode. For his 17th birthday, Otis surprises Eric with tickets to see Hedwig and the Angry Inch. At the last minute, Otis bails on Eric – who travelled to see the film in drag – after Maeve requires his help. As a result, Eric has his bag and phone stolen, and is later beaten up by two homophobes on his way home. It hit home for so many viewers, because we’ve all lived in fear of being attacked because of our sexuality.

“Maybe I am learning from my brave son.”

While Eric’s homophobic attack was the most heartbreaking moment of the series, his tender moment with his father is without-a-doubt, the most heartwarming. After Eric is beaten up, he ditches his colourful wardrobe and dresses in darker colours in order to tone down his queerness. But when he meets another queer man of colour, much like himself, he realises that he needs to live authentically, and attends the prom in his most fabulous attire. His father takes him, and expresses concern for his outlandish appearance. Eric tells him that this is who he is, to which he responds: “Maybe I am learning from my brave son.” Yes, we sobbed.

“If you ever tell anyone about this, I will fucking end you.”

Adam Groff, the headmaster’s son who’s spent all season bullying Eric, is revealed to have repressed homosexual feelings when he attacks and kisses Eric during detention. The two then have sex, which leads to Adam threatening him: “If you ever tell anyone about this, I will fucking end you.” Later in class, the two flirt, but their romance is short-lived when Adam’s father ships him off to military school. Now this is the storyline we’ll expect to see more of in the soon-to-be confirmed second season.

Sex Education is now available to stream on Netflix. Watch the trailer below.