Ryan Murphy has revealed a key detail about the next season of American Horror Story.

The show creator, who’s known for keeping tight-lipped about details on the horror anthology series, has taken us back in time with Asylum, broached the current climate with Cult, and flipped between generations with Coven.

But now he’s ready to take on a whole new challenge, as he revealed the setting for the next season of American Horror Story, which will air later this year, during the Television Critics Association’s press tour on Friday 5 January.

“All I’ll say about it is I want to go to the future – still topical, but the future, which I’ve never done,” he said. Asked whether this meant viewers would be heading into outer space for the next season, he clarified: “Not space.”

While we don’t have the full details yet, it seems FX boss John Landgraf has total faith in the project.

“I pitched it to Landgraf today right after his TCA panel, and he loved it, but he’s asked me not to say what it is,” Murphy explained.

“I told him and he fell out of his chair with joy. I think people will like it, it’s different from what we’ve done before, but I always try and do the opposite of what I’ve done on that show.”

He also offered some clarification on the previously-teased crossover between fan favourite seasons Murder House and Coven.

“It’s not next season, it will likely be the one after that,” he confirmed. That means we’ll be seeing world’s collide in season nine, which is expected to arrive in 2019.

Last year’s season of American Horror Story, Cult, focused on the conflict between Ally Mayfair-Richards, a liberal lesbian mother, and Kai Anderson, a Trump-worshipper hellbent on bringing chaos to the world.

As well as the usual cultural commentary and plethora of scares, the season also brought us two steamy sex scenes featuring Colton Haynes – one with Billy Eichner, and another with American Horror Story mainstay Evan Peters.

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