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The Snatch Game is a RuPaul’s Drag Race staple. Each year, viewers wait with bated breath to find out which celebrities will be impersonated in the fan-favourite maxi-challenge, which separates the drag queens from [insert country here]’s Next Drag Superstar as seven winners have gone on to win the crown: Jinkx Monsoon, Bob the Drag Queen, Alaska Thunderfuck, Aquaria, Trinity the Tuck, The Vivienne and Shea Coulee. So, it’s important to do well. Thankfully, the sixth season of All Stars boasted one of the most consistent Snatch Games in herstory as the contestants impersonated various pop culture icons from Dolly Parton to Divine and Phyllis Diller. As the latter, Ginger Minj won the challenge – marking her second challenge win of the series and second Snatch Game win – but who really came out on top? Without further ado…

6. Trinity K. Bonet as Whitney Houston

Although she looked absolutely sensational as the late diva, paying homage to her iconic ensemble from the It’s Not Right, But It’s Okay music video, the jokes were… Well, where were they? Yes, her attempt at channelling Whitney’s powerhouse vocals as she belted Cheyenne Jackson’s name did bring in some laughs, because it was just that ridiculous, but it felt like Trinity didn’t even try. With two maxi-challenge wins to her name, making her the frontrunner (at the time), Trinity checked out before she even hit the stage. Also, you don’t have to be a Whitney historian to answer a question you don’t the answer to with, “I have nothing.” Even she was raging.

5. Pandora Boxx as Kim Cattrall

As the queen behind one of the most beloved Snatch Game performances of all time, with her impersonation of Carol Channing on season two (the first ever Snatch Game!), all eyes were on Pandora Boxx to deliver as Kim Cattrall. Look, it was no Carol, but it wasn’t exactly a flop either. Although she was swallowed whole by Eureka’s boisterous Divine and Ra’Jah’s deadpan impersonation of LaToya Jackson,  Pandora nailed the signature posh totty demeanour of the Sex and the City star and delivered some classic Samantha Jones-isms in the process, such as her memorable “I’m a trisexual, I’ll try anything once” quote. It just needed a bit more… sex?

4. Ra’Jah O’Hara as LaToya Jackson

Ra’Jah O’Hara is smart as hell. After listening to RuPaul’s hilarious story about LaToya and sushi earlier in the episode, she used it to her own advantage and created her own iconic comeback in the process, “Well, I am a fitness expert, although I don’t like to work out.” She completely channelled the loveable but bonkers personality of the Jackson Family alum, and somehow – even though LaToya is not this – delivered the most deadpan performance of the episode? The way Ra’Jah delivered the following line was Emmy-worthy: “We are celebrating our first date, silly! Cheers to you and me, and what am I wearing? A nice pantsuit.” We need to see more!

3. Eureka as Divine

Eureka as Divine – what a concept! No but seriously, has a Snatch Game character ever made more sense? Ever? Not only did the self-described “elephant queen” look a dead ringer for the countercultural drag icon, but she was her. Eureka had the attitude down, while also referencing legendary quotes from films such as Pink Flamingos and Female Trouble, and – in typical Divine fashion – made others in her close vicinity fear for their goddamn lives. While it may not be our top pick of the episode, we do have to admit that Eureka basically barking and running towards Fortune Feimster as Divine was, not only a highlight of the episode, but a highlight of the season so far.

2. Ginger Minj as Phyllis Diller

Ginger Minj knows the ins-and-outs of Snatch Game. In the seventh season, she blessed the franchise with one of the most side-splitting impersonations of any celebrity so far as she donned a fake cigarette and Cockney accent as Adele, and in All Stars 2, she delivered an unhinged caricature of American evangelist Tammy Faye Messner. (The latter is incredibly underrated and deserved top three over Phi Phi O’Hara’s Theresa Caputo, facts are facts.) So for the other contestants, Ginger was the one to beat this week. As late comedian Phyllis Diller, the crossdresser for Christ pulled out all the stops as she embraced her eccentric stage persona, self-deprecating humour and classic wit. She basically did two Snatch Games in one as she answered Trinity’s questions for her, so her win was well-deserved. But in our opinion, she was upstaged by one queen in particular…

1. Kylie Sonique Love as Dolly Parton

Kylie flopped her first Snatch Game, and she flopped it hard. In fairness to her, it was the first ever time the now-iconic maxi-challenge was played on the series, and a majority of the contestants – bar Pandora and Tatianna – didn’t have the foggiest as to what they were doing. As we all know by now, however, the Kylie we saw on season two is leagues away from the Kylie who sashayed back into the werkroom for All Stars 6. She conquered an acting challenge over comedic powerhouses Ginger and Eureka, defeated lip-sync assassin Manila Luzon in a smackdown and somehow left the gays screaming with an impression of Steven Tyler. Gays! Screaming! Over! A! Straight! White! Rock! Singer! When has that ever happened? Give us timestamps! And this week, she came out on top once again – in our opinion – as the queen of country, Dolly Parton. Her hilarious back-and-forths with Ginger, as well as one-liners such as “Well honey, I might be married but I can look at the map – don’t mean I’m going on a trip!” and “I imagine I would need to bring my waxing kit – we don’t need the whole airport, just the landing strip! I’m that kind of girl,” cement this as All Stars 6’s best Snatch Game. To top it all off, she served sex, confidence and Dolly to a T. Now this is what you call a rudemption.