Alex Rhoades

Queer Eye’s resident culture expert recently revealed that he has ended his engagement with fiance Ian Jordan.

Stopping by The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the TV personality opened up to guest host tWitch about calling it quits, stating: “My fiance and I, we were together for 10 years and we broke up about three and half months ago.”

He continued: ” We were distracted by so much, with the kids and our careers, during that time. I had to really say, how was our communication? How are other parts of our lives? Are we growing in the same place?”

Brown and Jordan first met each other 10 years ago during a night out.

The decision to end his engagement wasn’t made lighty, with Brown explaining: “We have a family, we have a home, how do we separate this?”

“It was hard, we went to virtual counseling, we did a lot of things, but eventually I was like, this is a moment where I need to decide, is my happiness important?”

Brown also dished on Queer Eye season 6 being put on hold due to the ongoing pandemic.

“We we there to go shoot, I was preparing myself for the heat and the mosquitoes, and Miss COVID, said no girl. Miss Rona was like not today, you’re going to stop shooting”

Even with this new change in direction for Brown, the 39-year-old has much to celebrate and look forward to.

The Queer Eye cast and crew received amazing news last week after securing their third Emmy win for Outstanding Structured Reality Program.

The Netflix show has won the coveted award the past two years .

Watch the full interview below.