Looks like that Queer Eye power couple isn’t actually a thing.

Jonathan Van Ness and Antoni Porowski, the resident grooming and cooking experts on Netflix’s hit makeover show Queer Eye, have been teasing followers about a potential romance for a long time now – they even have a shared Instagram account.

Things escalated earlier this week when culture expert Karamo Brown appeared to confirm that the pair were dating in a comment on Instagram, writing: “For all who are asking. It’s real. They are a couple and in love. First Fab 5 couple.”

While fans were elated by the apparent ‘confirmation’ that two of their favourite celebs were dating, both Jonathan and Antoni have now clarified that they are not in a relationship, and that their shared Instagram account is meant to be satirical.

“For clarification, Antoni & I are a couple… of very close friends who run a satirical couple account and may fall in love someday, but that day is not necessarily today,” Jonathan wrote on Wednesday (31 July). Antoni also sent out a similar tweet.

Fans have been left devastated by the news, with many telling Jonathan and Antoni that they are heartbroken.

“Im never trusting any of y’all ever again. Except Bobbers, because he is a SAINT,” said one follower, while another added, “My heart is crushed.”

Not everyone was convinced by the denial though, with author Mandy Hale writing: “Please fall in love ASAP and have lots of beautiful babies with beautiful hair who ice skate and eat avocados. THE WORLD NEEDS THIS SHIP TO BECOME CANON.”