Matt Taylor and Kirsty Grant have embraced the lockdown life for their brand new music video, which you can watch here first on GAY TIMES.

The singer-songwriters have teamed up for rousing indie-pop anthem Daylight, which has taken on a double meaning after the 12 months we’ve all had.

“The day we wrote Daylight the meaning of the song was entirely different for me,” explains Kirsty. “It was originally about wanting a relationship in the open, but as time went on the ‘2020 hindsight’ lyric changed the meaning and the feel of the song for me.

“Initially that lyric was meant to be about 20/20 vision and seeing the past clearly, but after the year that was 2020, the lyric now speaks to both 20/20 vision, and also looking back on lockdown.

“The original topic of wanting a relationship in the open then changed to just wanting to be out of lockdown and return to our previous lives with our loved ones and friends.”

Matt agrees, adding: “For me Daylight was originally about wanting somebody to be 100% open about liking you, unapologetically honest and not worried they have to hide anything in a relationship. To be able to see your partner — and your respective flaws — with 20/20 vision, perfect hindsight.

“But it’s of course evolved from that during lockdown into a song about missing your friends, loved ones, and just being able to get outside again!

“I really hope other people can connect with it, relate their own relationship and lockdown experiences with it, feel the amount of energy that went into creating it, and want to dance to it as much as we do!”

To reflect its relatability to lockdown, the artists filmed a socially distanced music video that incorporates some of the communication platforms we’ve become very familiar with.

From Zoom calls and social media filters, to cute cat pictures and continuous WhatsApp messages, it captures how we’ve all been connecting with loved ones and our friends during a challenging time.

Daylight was produced by Afterparty, and recorded at the Spotify Secret Genius studio in Metropolis Studios, London.

Daylight is available to download and stream now.