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Neighbours fans are praising the show for its thoughtful portrayal of gay love stories.

Last week, Erinsborough’s resident doctor David Tanaka had his first bedroom scene with newcomer Rafael Humphreys, played by former Coronation Street star Ryan Thomas, as the two shared a romantic moment in a hotel.

“You haven’t done this much, have you?” David asked. “That makes two of us, I only came out last year. I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed.”

The two moved into the bedroom, where they began making out. But when David tried to remove Rafael’s clothes, he revealed he was too scared to show off the scars on his back, which he received during a fire.

“You don’t have to be nervous. I know what its like to be self-conscious, but it’s just you and me here,” comforted David, and the two eventually spent the night together.

Fans have been sharing their adoration for the “fantastic” scene on social media, praising the show for allowing gay characters to share more “intimate” moments together on screen.

Speaking to Digital Spy after the scene aired, Takaya Honda, who plays David, said: “As a doctor, David handled the situation really well and the scene opened him up so much – when he sees and feels the scars for the first time.

“That scene was particularly nice and actually the final scene is very different to what was originally written. When we were filming, the director on the day made it clear that he was happy for us to interpret and work together to make the scene as powerful as possible.

“I think the scene is a true exposé for both characters. David is so happy because he feels that Rafael has finally opened up to him.”