Image courtesy of Echo V

An exclusive premiere of their perfectly titled track, Rainbow.

Echo V – made up of Jay, Mike, Randy, Devin and Gama – combine their unique voices to create one incredible sound. And their first single, Rainbow, reflects their decision to be out about their sexuality while continuing to be a fun, high energy pop anthem.

“Our hope is that the song inspires people to stand up and claim their truth, be happy with who they are and find comfort in the fact that they are not alone,” explains member Jay.

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Image courtesy of Echo V

“It kind of came from a place deep within that was filled with despair and even frustration. The first few lines of the song are about finding yourself. It then continues with how the struggle to conform to society’s standards can be harmful to some. In the second verse, there is a moment of acceptance and defiance where we come to terms with how this one life is for us and not for them.”

He continues: “Rainbow is about unapologetically owning your multifaceted-ness and realizing that you have to live for yourself. It’s a journey to self-discovery and the strength it takes to live life in the open, day in and out.”

Rainbow is the first single from Echo V, direct from their EP, The Rainbow.

You can listen to Rainbow below in this exclusive premiere:

More information on Echo V can be found here.