Sam Smith has released their new single To Die For just in time for (anti-)Valentine’s Day.

Following a number of danceable tracks over the past year including How Do You Sleep?, Normani collaboration Dancing With A Stranger, and Donna Summer cover I Feel Love, Sam has returned to their earlier style on a heartbreaking new ballad.

“Sunshine livin’ on a perfect day, while my world’s crashing down, I just want somebody to die for,” they confess on the emotional track, which opens with a sample from 2001 cult film Donnie Darko.

Sam explained they wrote the song during a time of “self-discovery and heartbreak” with longtime collaborator and friend Jimmy Napes and production duo Stargate in Los Angeles.

“Releasing this song is going to be a wild one – I feel like it’s from one of the deepest parts of me,” they said. “This is for all the lonely hearts out there on another Valentine’s Day.”

The video is set outside a wig shop in LA, and features a number of mannequin heads adorned with perfectly-styled hairdos while a wigless mannequin head in the likeness of Sam watches happy couples pass by.

Listen to Sam’s new single To Die For here or below.