Drag Race All Stars 7’s Jinkx Monsoon has bared all to Entertainment Weekly, revealing more about why they turned down opportunities to be a part of alliances on the show. 

The all-winners season of All Stars has seen an alliance form between Monét X Change and Trinity the Tuck, while multiple queens have turned down offers to join them.

From episode one, the queens joined forces so neither one could block the other from receiving a Legendary Legend Star.

Yet “going solo” was always part of Jinkx’s game plan. They opened up to Entertainment Weekly, stating they were “flattered” to be offered a place in the alliance but it was never a part of their strategy. 

It was flattering to be invited into an alliance this time, but it was also nerve-racking because I had confirmation that there were two people working together, and it’s usually every queen for herself,” they explained.

“I had to stick to my instincts of knowing that I had already mapped out how I was going to play this game and I didn’t want to be derailed.

The season five winner revealed that they “had a very clear-cut game plan for the whole season, and an alliance wasn’t part of that.”

Jinkx also spoke about how their experience with Rolaskatox on season five played a part in their decision to turn down offers of working collaboratively during the season. 

“Having been on the other end of an alliance,” they said, “there was a part of me that didn’t want to contribute to that in this season, but there was nothing malicious about this alliance.” 

Jinkx went on to explain how season five left them feeling singled out.

“Season 5 was often a very isolating experience for me, and it was hard at times, filming All Stars 7, not to go back into that place and have flashbacks of when I felt very alone in the competition,” they revealed, “and any time I started to feel that way, it was nice that there was a room full of queens reminding me that I’m not alone and we all have each other’s backs.”

Jinkx did highlight that there wasn’t any drama or ill-intentions between them and the members of the alliance: “I have nothing against them, everyone’s entitled to play how they want, but for me going solo was the way I saw this working out.” 

Swimming solo through the competition, Jinkx stated that if they were to get blocked again it “just lights a fire under me to win another challenge”. 

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