Hollywood icon Jennifer Aniston has backed Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in a political post online.

Posting on Instagram, the actress announced who she would be politically endorsing and declared she had voted early to secure her vote.

In her post, the star said: “I dropped my ballot off, and I did it early. I voted for them because right now this country is more divided than ever. Right now, a few men in power are deciding what women can and can’t do with their own bodies. Our current President has decided that racism is a non-issue. He has repeatedly and publicly ignored science… too many people have died.”

The actress continued to say: “I urge you to really consider who is going to be most affected by this election if we stay on the track we’re on right now… your daughters, the LGBTQ+ community, our Black brothers and sisters, the elderly with health conditions, and your future kids and grandkids (who will be tasked with saving a planet that our leadership refuses to believe is hurting).

“This whole thing isn’t about one candidate or one single issue, it’s about the future of this country and of the world. Vote for equal human rights, for love, and for decency.”

There’s just a week left for American citizens to vote in this year’s Presidential Election, with the results expected to be revealed in the early hours of 4 November.

Joe Biden is currently leading the polls, but with record voter turnout for the 2020 Election, analysts aren’t taking predictions too seriously.

This is why it’s important for every American of voting age to go out and vote before 3 November.