Jameela Jamil has defended She-Hulk: Attorney at Law from some “hostile” viewers ahead of the season finale on 13 October.

The Good Place star appears in the show as Titania, a super-powered influencer who.

After posting about her excitement for the final episode of the series, which stars Tatiana Maslaney as She-Hulk, a number of people began to send Jamil hate – which she swiftly addressed.

“TO BE CLEAR,” she wrote on 3 October. “It is absolutely FINE if you personally don’t like She Hulk. I know it doesn’t appeal to everyone. Some people FUCKING LOVE IT. But can we all agree that you don’t need to be *so* hostile when you express your feelings *TO* me. We’re all fans, let’s talk nicely.”

One troll quickly responded, telling Jamil: “Nah fam. You literally attack anyone and everyone who doesn’t agree with you. The hypocrisy of this tweet is absolutely hilarious. Do better.”

“Nope,” the actress replied. “I clap back when people are UNKIND And hostile. Plenty of people critique the show thoughtfully and you can’t find a hostile response on here.”

One person proceeded to tell Jamil that it “depends what [you] feel is hostile,” which Jamil was more than happy to explain.

“I was told I’m a diversity hire,” she stated. “I was told I would never work again. I was told we should stop letting women write shows, I was told I look disgusting, I was told I would only be remembered for being shit. You tell me what is hostile?”

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is currently streaming on Disney Plus.