New Jersey singer-songwriter Halsey has launched her own makeup line called About-Face, and here’s what we know about it.

Ashley Frangipane aka Halsey is the latest A-lister to release her own makeup brand, and, today, marks its launch day.

While the American artist announced the project earlier this month with a mini promo teaser video, news spread fast, and fans have been excitedly awaiting their chance to support the singer.

Halsey, who posted an artsy promo clip on social media, is shown promoting the launch with a diverse mix of models.

In a tweet, the 26-year-old said the brand is all about “feeling cool” and “not looking perfect”.

About-Face is already available to order and centers itself on being a “multi-dimensional makeup for everyone”.

Sticking with its inclusive agenda and ethos of self-expression, the new makeup line is striving to celebrate individuality and uniqueness.

On the brand’s webpage, the company posted a mission statement explaining the meaning behind About-Face.

“We are built on the truth that no one is just one thing — humans are weird, complex, and entirely beautiful because of it. Everyone has their own messy, mad, and personal method to becoming our greater selves,” the summary read.

“So, we make products that are hard working over hype, designed to celebrate every version of us. The ones we end up being, and all of the experimental versions along the way.

“We hand over the reins, giving everyone the power to represent themselves and celebrate one another — because who knows what will happen when you lean into every dimension of you?”

From what we know so far, the promising new brand is launching with 10 products, which include: highlighters, lipsticks, eye shadows, among other items.