“I take responsibility in falling short in this, and I’m deeply sorry.”

Yvie Oddly has issued an apology to her fans over recent “controversial” tweets.

The queen – who won the eleventh season of RuPaul’s Drag Race – caused “quite the stir” on Twitter after telling fans that she will refuse to take photos after she finishes a show, saying: “Don’t be selfish.”

“Imagine that you’re a very passionate chef who landed your dream job at a prestigious restaurant,” she wrote. “Imagine that you just spent a long day on your feet cooking for people who pay you because they appreciate how your food tastes.

“Now imagine that you walk out of the restaurant and are met by a mob of people who love your food and ask you to cook for them… for free… and without any ingredients because you just used them all…

“This is why I refuse to take pictures after I finish a show. Don’t be selfish.”

Her comments were met with a negative reception from fans, with one responding: “After a show? Really? Out at dinner, I understand. After a show, you should be grateful you have fans who will keep you from having a regular job.

“Thanks for letting us know who not to support or give our coins to!”

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Season six winner Bianca Del Rio also clapped back, telling Yvie: “It’s only been a FEW MONTHS… GOOD LUCK BITCH! I wish I could troll more, but a fan just asked me for a picture… BE RIGHT BACK!”

Jaidynn Diore Fierce – who competed on the show’s seventh season – wrote: “It doesn’t matter how uncomfortable, how hot, how tired or over it I may be, I will NEVER decline a fan a picture.

“I appreciate each and every person that supports me, I love you all.”

Yvie later addressed her tweets, saying she wants to take opportunity to have a conversation that is “important for our community”, adding: “First, we as queens need to listen when our fans feel disrespected.

“If anyone felt disrespected or unappreciated, I sincerely apologize.”

She added: “I do truly love my fans and take it very seriously to show gratitude for their support and enjoy meeting them. I take responsibility in falling short in this, and I’m deeply sorry if it’s come off that I don’t care, or am not grateful.

Yvie ended her apology by telling fans that they have a “responsibility” to respect queens’ boundaries.

See the tweets below.