Baga Chipz and The Vivienne are here to provide your evening entertainment.

Taking inspiration from Trixe Mattel and Katya’s recent hit Netflix series I Like To Watch, the Drag Race stars have launched their own UK version of the show which will see them react to standout scenes from various Netflix series and movies.

For this week’s episode, Baga and The Vivienne watch Sex Education – one of Netflix’s most popular original productions – and provide their hilarious commentary on the queer love triangle between Eric, Adam and Rahim, as well as that epic school play.

“It’s a show all about growing up in school and all the trials and tribulations about coming out as gay, learning about sex, and learning what to do with your cock and minge,” explains The Vivienne.

Watch the new episode of I Like To Watch UK here or below.

New episodes of I Like To Watch UK will be available every Wednesday at 3pm GMT exclusively on the Netflix UK YouTube channel.