Canada’s Drag Race star Jimbo has revealed whether or not she would ever compete on Drag Race for a fourth time.

The queen is the first to take part in three different franchises from three different countries: Canada, the UK and the US.

She has appeared on season one of Canada’s Drag Race, followed by UK vs the World and now All Stars 8 – which she won.

When asked if she would ever return for another all-winners season, Jimbo made her position on the matter clear.

“Fingers crossed!” she told People. “I love competing and I love being a part of the RuPaul’s Drag Race family. Anytime they call, I’ll be there.”

As the first international queen to win a season on the US version of Drag Race, Jimbo said she is “so grateful” for the opportunity.

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“Looking back, of course, I was disappointed to not have won those previous seasons,” she said of her first two attempts at snatching the crown.

“But I believe that everything happens for a reason. And I knew in those moments that the loss was just an opportunity for me to take advantage of all the feedback I had gotten at that time and be better.”

 “I really wanted to show Ru everything I had to offer”

Jimbo explained that, on All Stars 8, she felt like the “most elevated version” of herself.

“I really felt like I had some exciting looks to show, I really felt like I had done some growing in terms of my performance skills, and I really wanted to show Ru everything I had to offer,” she added.

This season, there were two ways to win – the second of which came down to a fan vote called the Fame Games.

LaLa Ri emerged victorious and was given a cash prize of $60,000 (£47,000).

All Stars 8 is now streaming on WOW Presents Plus.