Carly Rae Jepsen announces new single Let’s Be Friends (Not Really Though)

Carly Rae Jepsen has announced a new single, and we are NOT prepared.

The Canadian pop superstar has been a friend (and favourite) of the LGBTQ community since shooting to fame in 2011 with her viral hit Call Me Maybe, so naturally any news of new music gets us filled with excitement.

In what looks to be the perfect anti-Valentine’s Day anthem, Carly has announced a new single called Let’s Be Friends (Not Really Though) which is due out on Friday 7 February – that’s tomorrow!

The announcement has given fans hope that a follow-up to last year’s Dedicated could be on the way, similar to how she dropped a ‘Side B’ collection featuring off-cuts from her incredible album Emotion.

She’s previously expressed interest in such a project, telling Clash: “It would be a waste not to share more. There’s some songs I love equally as much in my back pocket here… I really hope to share some more.”

We know Carly’s recorded over 200(!) songs for her recent era, and she does have a tour and Coachella performance coming up, so a Dedicated: Side B mini-album would make a lot of sense.



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