Here are all the celebrities who’ve come out as LGBTQ in 2018 (so far)

Love is love, duh.

We’re just over halfway into 2018, and we’ve already seen various celebrities, politicians, and influencers live their truths by coming out as part of the LGBTQ community.

Here, we round up everyone who has proudly and publicly joined our community to inspire a whole new generation of LGBTQ youth.

Abbi Jacobson

“I kind of go both ways; I date men and women. They have to be funny, doing something they love.”

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Alyson Stoner

“I, Alyson, am attracted to men, women, and people who identify in other ways. I can love people of every gender identity and expression. It is the soul that captivates me. It is the love we can build and the goodness we can contribute to the world by supporting each other’s best journeys.”

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Amandla Stenberg

“I’m grateful for how being gay has afforded me this ability to experience and understand love and sex, and therefore life, in an expansive and infinite way.”

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“I’ve never ever just been attracted to men. I’ve never just been attracted to women. I’ve never felt the need to tell anyone that I’m bisexual. I don’t feel like I am. I just feel like I’m attracted to who I like. I honestly feel like everyone is like that.”

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Brendon Urie

“I just like good people, if your heart’s in the right place. I’m definitely attracted to men. It’s just people that I am attracted to. I guess this is me coming out as pansexual.”

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Cecil Clarke

“I’m not going to go forward and announce my intentions about the Progressive Conservative Party leadership race having people think that they are going to shame me, or hold something over me, or make it negative that, in this day and age, that being gay is somehow a bad thing.”

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Collin Martin

“I have played Major League Soccer for 6 seasons: 4 seasons with DC United and 2 seasons with Minnesota United. Today, I’m proud that my entire team and the management of Minnesota United know that I am gay.”

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Cory Michael Smith

“This story, a story about AIDS and stripping away politics, stripping away activism, stripping away the medical drama of it, what you’re left with is something so personal about family and connecting with family and keeping secrets with family. It just overwhelmed me.”

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Felix Jaehn

“Now I dream of finding the person I want to share my life with, man or woman.”

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Hurley Haywood

“The racing community has been extremely supportive. I’ve never not gotten a ride because I was gay.”

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Jake Atlas

“Last, I am proud to fulfill my promise of coming out publicly about my sexuality to be a voice for those that struggle with this issue like I have for many, many years; to be a voice that reminds everyone in the same shoes that there is nothing you cannot achieve. I made history. And I plan to make more. This is only the beginning of many “firsts” left to come in my career. Thank you.”

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Janelle Monáe

“Being a queer black woman in America, someone who has been in relationships with both men and women – I consider myself to be a free-ass motherfucker. I read about pansexuality and was like, ‘Oh, these are things that I identify with too’. I’m open to learning more about who I am.”

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Joey Pollari

“I think all my friends and family knew on some level. I think maybe two people were shocked. The only part that was difficult was me coming out to myself. And I think that is the most difficult coming out.”

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“not bi, not straight. i’m attracted to women, men, REALLY attracted to queer men, non binary people, intersex people, trans people. lil poly pansexual papi hello good morning. does that answer your questions?”

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Kevin Laroy / Babyface Killa

“Where you like it or not, I’m going to be me. The fact of the matter is… I am a gay black male.”

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Kevin McHale

“#NoTearsLeftToCry is gayer than me and I ACCEPT. Ty @ArianaGrande.”

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Lee Pace

“As a member of the queer community, I understand the importance of living openly, being counted, and happily owning who I am. That’s how I’ve always lived my life just as it’s been important to me to portray queer characters with dignity for my entire career.”

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Lizzie Marvelly

“Over the last few years, I’ve slowly been going through the process of coming out. First, I came out to my friends, then to my family, then to my colleagues, and now I’m coming out to you. I know it’s 2018 and it shouldn’t be a big deal, but honestly, it hasn’t been easy. I didn’t know I was bi until my early 20s.”

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Mounir Mahjoubi 

“We are in 2018, I live my life, even public, in a quiet way. But if, on that day, I could pass the message by reinforcing it by my personal experience, I think it had to be done.”

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Nir Rotenberg

“Before I came out I was trying to succeed for me personally. Today it’s more because I want to represent my country and represent my community.”

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Paris Jackson

“I’ve been apart of the community for years. I even mentioned having crushes on girls when I was 8 in a magazine before. I’ve been caught kissing girls in public.”

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Reece King

“I realised that whatever I said, it became a distraction. Anything I did or posted online, people would just ask about who I’m interested in, so I just built up this defence of saying ‘that’s not important’ But I guess it’s stuck with me because it really isn’t important, so now I just say ‘yeah, I am bisexual’.”

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Rita Ora

“Girls was written to represent my truth and is an accurate account of a very real and honest experience in my life. I have had romantic relationships with women and men throughout my life and this is my personal journey.”

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Robert Páez

“I understood that this was and would be my truth forever, and my own self-acceptance was only in my hands. It was up to me whether I lived in happiness, or sank and lived in a lie that never would be. I believe that I was born gay. As I got older I became more aware of it, and as I grew – like with so many others – it became my great dilemma.”

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Ronan Farrow

“Being a part of the LGBT community … which recognised that reporting I was doing early on and elevated it, and has been such a stalwart source of support through the sexual assault reporting I did involving survivors who felt equally invisible … that has been an incredible source of strength for me.”

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Tessa Thompson

“I’m attracted to men and also to women. If I bring a woman home, [or] a man, we don’t even have to have the discussion.”

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Todd Harrity

“I am gay, and I’m ready to live my life as an openly gay man. I have decided to come out because I am convinced that having everyone know this about me is the only way I can truly be content.”

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Zack Leader

“For about six months now, this is how I wanted to start the new year. A fresh start. No more hiding, no more lies. To some of you this won’t be news, but to a lot of you, I imagine it won’t have even crossed your mind. Some of you may have thought about it I imagine. What I’m trying to do is come out and say I’m gay.”

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Zander Hodgson

“This is something that I thought was important to do for my own growth, for myself, to be unashamed, to connect to others, to connect to you more. I wanted to tell everyone that I am gay, and although that doesn’t change anything for me, and hopefully not for you, I just thought it was a really important thing to share with everyone.”

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