Adam Rippon finally tracked down his crush Shawn Mendes at the Oscars


Adam Rippon continues to live his best gay life.

Aside from making headlines for his criticism of Trump’s administration during the Winter Olympics, the medal-winning figure skater has been stealing hearts with his unapologetic attitude to being a queer man in the spotlight.

Last month, he revealed that he had a crush on former One Direction star Harry Styles, but during a recent appearance on The Ellen Show, he explained that another dreamy pop star had caught his eye…

“Here’s the thing – I was sleeping on Shawn Mendes,” he said. “Not literally! But I didn’t realise how cute he was. I know Harry will be upset… Love is a funny thing.”

While we were all busy imagining how enriched our lives would be if Shawn and Adam were to form a power couple, Adam was hunting his crush down at the Oscars in order to get the perfect selfie – and he succeeded.

“I planted the seed and I saw the harvest. He is cute, he is sweet, and the other guy is Shawn Mendes,” he wrote on Twitter alongside a photo of himself with Shawn.

Shawn has yet to respond to his tweet, but given the smile on his face in the photo, we figure they had plenty to talk about on the night.

And needless to say, their fans are loving it.

Elsewhere at the Oscars, Adam stole the show on the red carpet, opting for a queer take on a traditional black tuxedo by adding a leather harness designed by Jeremy Scott for Moschino.

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