YAS! Sarah Michelle Gellar took her 5-year-old son to get his nails painted


The Buffy legend is once again slaying stereotypical gender norms. 

Sarah Michelle Gellar has proven she doesn’t give a damn about gender stereotypes with her latest Instagram post, which shows her at the salon getting matching sparkly black nail polish with her 5-year-old son Rocky.

The Buffy the Vampire Slayer icon/legend proudly shared the results on her social media, captioning the adorable photo, “we match!”

Take a look below.




Coolest. Mum. Ever.

This isn’t the first time the 40-year-old actress slayed gender norms. Her most iconic character – Buffy Summers, obviously – subverted expectations of a female in the horror genre for seven years, showing audiences that women can kick as much butt as men.

Earlier this year, the whole cast of Buffy reunited for the show’s 20th anniversary. Yep, the whole Scooby Gang – David Boreanaz, Alyson Hannigan, Nicholas Brendan, Charisma Carpenter, Seth Green, Emma Caulfield, etc – were in attendance, and they posed for several incredible photos for Entertainment Weekly.

Gay Times took a look at the impact Buffy has had on the LGBT+ community in our April 2017 issue, which you can purchase here.

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