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You might’ve seen their posters on the tube but what is Omio? Well, Omio is a new travel planning service that allows you to organise your transport easily and efficiently. The company began as GoEuro but soon expanded far beyond Europe. So, now, your destination dreams no longer have to be limited to soaking in the sun in the EU and the booking site can help you shop for your next global holiday destination. 

Since its founding, Omio has also actively encouraged sustainability, with a quarter of customers changing their bookings from flights to trains – so you can travel more consciously and guilt-free. Now, don’t just think we’re saying this, we’ve actually given the booking platform a try. An easy-to-navigate service, Omio’s functionality is quick to grasp and comparing travelling methods has never been easier.  In a matter of minutes, we were able to book an affordable week-long flight to Lisbon. And, thanks to the site’s partners with affiliate hotel sites, we conveniently lined up a place to stay for our time away. Yes, it’s really that easy!

Whether you’re looking for a break in France or a getaway trip to New York, Omio will compare flight costs for you. Or, if you’re keen for a weekend city break in Europe, Omio will compare ticket prices, making it effortless to get the best deals on flights and trains. So, it doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a bargain flight from Stanstead or a long haul from Heathrow, Omio will give you plenty of options to pick from.

Now, we understand that not everyone loves travelling. Planning your journey can be anxiety-inducing, especially for first-time solo travellers. For those of us who love to prep and plan ahead of time, Omio also has an in-app journey planner that puts everything in one place, taking away a lot of the hassle of organising your holiday. Booking online (or on the app) and keeping track of your journey couldn’t be simpler. 

As for accessibility, Omio’s booking platform is conveniently available in 21 languages and covers 207 European airports, over ten thousand central bus stations, and over twenty thousand train stations. No matter where you’re looking to travel, there’s a good chance Omio has it covered. Omio brings together more than 1,000 transportation providers across all forms of transport, meaning that you’ve got a great selection of services to compare and choose from.

Travel is a joyous escape but you might also be worried about the carbon footprint you’re leaving behind too. Well, here’s some good news – Omio have partnered with Ecosia – the search engine that plants trees – to launch what they’re billing as a “tree-planting rail travel booking tool”. Put simply, the tool is to enable users to seek out environmentally conscious travel options such as low-carbon train routes for trips. Together, both platforms will help reduce carbon emissions from less environmentally friendly transport while also showing support for Ecosia’s climate-friendly tree-planting project.

So, when you’re next considering booking a trip, why not give Omio a try? With the guarantee of hundreds of compared flights and endless destination options – you could find your next dream journey all from the Omio app.

Find out here about Omio and their mission to make travel simpler all from one service here