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On 8 July, thousands took to the streets of a rainy London in a bold symbol of love and solidarity with the trans+ community.

Many attendees held the pink, blue and white flag that represents trans and non-binary people, while others covered themselves in glitter.

Crowds marched through the city before stopping at Wellington Arch in Hyde Park Corner after this year’s route was changed “to accommodate growing numbers” of people in attendance.

“I am as real as you are” and “not your political weapon” were among the many placards held by those who took to the streets. 

Organised in response to the injustices and discrimination trans+ people continue to face, speakers included Emma D’Arcy, Noah Finn Adams and Lucy Clark. 

“Today is about love and rage,” trans activist Munroe Bergdorf told the crowd.

Also in attendance was Heartstopper star Yasmin Finney, who led a chant of “trans rights are human rights”. 

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