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Earlier this year, GAY TIMES teamed up with SKITTLES®, Getty Images and Queer Britain to find 10 emerging queer photographers and help them break into the world of arts, media or advertising. 

The lack of opportunities and the cost of camera equipment has left many unable to afford the essentials required to develop their skills and follow a career as a photographer. This is no doubt one of the reasons we see so many issues with LGBTQ+ representation in media and advertising. 

What’s clear is that the photographs we often see depicting queer people don’t accurately represent the intersections and diverse spectrum of LGBTQ+ identities. That’s why, SKITTLES® is committed to helping millions of people to See The Rainbow by improving LGBTQ+ representation through photography. 

One of the winners, Florence Law, was on the ground at London Trans+ Pride to capture this historical event. Here’s what they had to say about the experience: 

“I loved my experience shooting London Trans+ Pride 2023; it was a day filled with love, Queer Joy, and I felt honoured to be both a photographer and a supporter participating in the parade. The photos I managed to capture hold power and meaning, and I hope they truly depict the scale and beautiful diversity of the march this year.

The impact of these images being seen by so many people truly reinforces the power that photography holds in raising awareness and promoting acceptance.

These moments in history deserve to be documented, celebrated, and remembered for generations to come. I am so grateful for the chance to contribute to this and to be part of a movement that advocates for love, acceptance, and equality.”

Keep an eye out for more Queer Joy events from other Bursary photographers in the coming months.