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We all know that finding that significant other can be hard, and for queer people particularly, there are additional barriers that make it that much more difficult. 

And according to data from the dating app, a whopping 80% of their LGBTQIA+ users said they struggle to find resources to help them date so that they can build healthy and meaningful connections. 

To help the queer community navigate the world of dating more successfully, Hinge launched a new in-app resource that aims to answer your dating queries and questions: NFAQ (Not-so Frequently Asked Questions). 

In order for NFAQ to create a dialogue with queer people, GAY TIMES teamed up with Hinge’s new Love and Connection Expert, Moe Ari Brown, a transgender masculine person and a licensed marriage and family therapist. 

Following our Instagram polls, in which we asked the GAY TIMES audience about their NFAQ, Moe offered their advice on how to ‘respectfully’ ask a crush about their gender identity and ‘how to act’ in public with a partner who is still in the closet. 

They also shared guidance on whether an individual can be “demiromantic and bisexual at the same time” and how to speak with potential partners about their gender identity. 


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Dani Coyle, a queer intersex artist and activist, answered the following question, “I’m intersex. Any advice on communicating my needs to my partners?” while TikTok influencer Lily-Rose offered advice on knowing when to start your first queer relationship.

As part of the wider NFAQ initiative, Hinge recruited various knowledgeable figures from the LGBTQIA+ community including Vacancy Project founder Masami Hosono, former magazine editor Phillip Picardi and licensed social worker and therapist Shahem McLaurin.

@gaytimes Intersex activist and artist, @inter_sexy, offers dating advice for @hinge’s Not-so Frequently Asked Questions ❤️ #HingeNFAQ #ad ♬ original sound – GAY TIMES

Also on hand to offer their perspectives on all the questions that queer daters need answers to is writer, actor and filmmaker Tara Raani, Be Not Afraid of Love author Mimi Zhu and emergency medicine physician Dr. Darien Sutton. 

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