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Why is it when you see an item you love, that perfectly expresses who you want to be, it can be hard to actually find it yourself? Well, with a little bit of Google magic, you’re now able to search what you see, making the hunt for those items that bit easier, with the Google app. 

To celebrate how the queer community expresses themselves, GAY TIMES & Google have partnered to step in to the worlds of very different LGBTQ+ creators and the subcultures they connect with, like Fairycore and Camp Maximalism.

We’ll explore how technology allows our community to build their unique aesthetic, and how Google’s new search feature helps you to ‘search what you see’ when curating your own world.

This new way of searching for those things you love will help unlock your creative potential. Instead of typing out searches, all you need to do is take a photo, or screenshot of something you see online, and Google will find a match or offer up similar items.

So, to try this new way of searching, GAY TIMES are launching ‘Find That Thing!’, a competition that gives five lucky people the chance to win a range of weird and wonderful prizes, like a clutch bag with a beak, nature inspired earrings or a cute Crystal Blob (just wait ‘till you see it). 

The competition will launch this week on the GAY TIMES Instagram and will run over five weeks, with a new item up for grabs every couple of days. This means you have five chances to get your hands on the prizes, just keep an eye out for when they pop up on our socials. 

To enter the competition, head over to our Instagram page where we’ll be posting a photo of the prizes over the next few weeks. Screenshot the image then use the Google app to search for that item online. More details on how to do that below. DM the brand name that appears in the Google results to the GAY TIMES Instagram (@gaytimes) for a chance to win it.

How to search what you see

Open the Google app, tap the Lens or Camera icon (depending on your Google App version) in the search bar, select the screenshot from your gallery and you’ll see the results appear.. Just find the brand name to enter!

The competition is open to people aged 18+ living in the UK (ID required). Winners will be contacted by @gaytimes on Instagram via Direct Message (DM). 

Try the Google app here.