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Since Savage X Fenty burst onto the scene, diversity, inclusivity and representation for all has been at the heart of the brand’s values. So, it only made sense that this joyous message was carried through for the launch of their first ever Pride capsule collection.

The Savage X Pride Collection and campaign radiates nothing but love, as it celebrates individuality and every body. From talent, team members, and the Savage X Fenty community in front of the camera, to creatives behind the scenes, this campaign illuminates the beauty within the LGBTQ+ community in all its creative glory.

Savage X Fenty mastermind Rihanna said in a statement: “Pride is all about appreciating your authentic self. I am very excited about this collection and showing love and support to the LGBTQIA+ community, which includes so many of our customers, team members and fans.”

We sat down with one of the stars of the campaign, RuPaul’s Drag Race legend Gigi Goode, to speak about the campaign and the importance of Pride. 

Congratulations on starring in the new Savage X Fenty Pride collection campaign, how did modelling in the campaign come to fruition?
Thank you. It’s funny actually, I was sitting in my living room doing my makeup, and when I finished I got a call telling me they’d love to have me in the campaign and they asked me to come as soon as I could. So naturally I dropped everything and ran right on over! The team knows me from the Savage Vol. 2 fashion show that I was so lucky to be a part of, and I guess they wanted another slice! 

How did it feel to have queer creative talent behind the camera as well as in front of it?
It is so insanely amazing to be able to work with people who share the same values and creative eye as me. I’ve been aware of the photographer, Quil, for a while now so when I pulled up to the set and saw them and their team, I was so excited to play. It’s so important to highlight queer artists not only during Pride, but every day, so knowing that Savage X Fenty puts those values first just makes me that much more loyal to them as a brand!

What do you love most about the Savage X Fenty Pride Collection?
I’m so obsessed with how they paired colours with their prideful prints. For example, the orange satin boxers and robe that I wore with my little rainbow bralette and jock was the perfect harmony of colour, texture, and gender fluidity. As soon as I saw my whole look together, I knew what they were doing! Bringing all aspects of feminine and masculine into one big melting pot. 

What was it like shooting the campaign?
Oh it was such a dream. Being able to share my craft with other artists in a way that felt so collaborative was such a breath of fresh air. It’s not often that happens when it comes to big brands. I had such a blast on set.

How did it feel to star in such a diverse and visually jaw-dropping show for Savage X Fenty last year?
I still pinch myself to this day. Walking in a major fashion show has been a dream of mine since the first time I saw a runway model. Being able to be so fluid and feminine in full lingerie in front of Rihanna… I almost lost my damn mind! And of course when it was over I just went home, went to bed, woke up, and thought it was all a dream.

How do you think fashion houses can further support drag, queer and non-binary identities?
I think there are a lot of brands out there that definitely do support us, but not nearly as much as there should be. What brands need to and are starting to realise is that beauty and gender is so fluid. Everyone wants to see an ad campaign with someone who looks like them, and that’s finally beginning to surface in the fashion world. There’s still a lot of work that has to be done, but Rome wasn’t built in a day. As long as the strides are being made, we are headed in the right direction!

How have you found celebrating Pride during the last few years during the pandemic?
I’m lucky to be constantly surrounded by the people I love and that has brought me through the pandemic pretty significantly. It’s when I’m around them that I feel the most proud to be a queer person working in this industry. Sharing all the same seas and sense of humour has carried us right on through.

 What does Pride mean to you?
For me, Pride means unapologetically displaying all that I am, and all that I represent to the entire world. It’s about demanding respect and equality on all levels, and showing that we can play too. The world is slowly but surely turning into a place where we don’t have to explain ourselves anymore! Pride is a time to celebrate US!

Customers can now shop the Pride collection at Savage X Fenty. Purchases of the Pride Capsule Collection will help support GLAAD, the Audre Lorde Project, The Caribbean Equality Project, INC., Trans Latin@ Coalition and the Trans Wellness Center.

The full Pride line up includes Ahmad Kanu, Aya Brown, Dexter Mayfield, Eliseo Equihua, Jaslene Whiterose, Jazzmyne Robbins, Jazzelle Zanaughtti, MaryV Benoit, Noah Carlos, Rahquise Bowen, Yusef Williams and Zachary Tye Richardson.