Instagram: mistressisabellebrooks
Instagram: mistressisabellebrooks

Drag Race star Mistress Isabelle Brooks effortlessly slammed online trolls in a new interview.

Over the last few weeks, TV viewers have immersed themselves in the 15th season of the popular drag competition series.

While the new batch of episodes have delivered showstopping performances and hilarious moments, the season has also resulted in some “fans” spewing toxic hate towards the competing queens.

Since season 15 premiered, Mistress has been inundated with hateful messages targeting her appearance and interactions with her fellow contestants.

Most recently, the Texas-based queen faced pushback after she got into a spat with Marcia Marcia Marcia during an episode of Untucked.

While the conflict was instantly resolved, “fans” continued to harass the season 15 queen, with some individuals targeting her Instagram by submitting false reports.

As of this writing, her Instagram account has been deleted three times due to online trolls.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Mistress opened up about how she’s navigated the unwarranted hate.

“Most people would’ve freaked out, but, for me, as it was happening, I was doing a meet and greet at a sold-out show where people are literally crying and sharing stories me with me,” she explained. “That kind of put things into perspective.”

Mistress went on to say that the internet is a “fake playground for the trolls” after confirming that she and the other 15 girls were on good terms.

“I live in reality, where things actually are. My perspective is different because they can get all my social media taken down, I have nothing, and I’ll still be fine,” she said.

Elsewhere in the interview, the rising talent attributed her “extreme” personality to her difficult upbringing – which has helped her fight against hate.

“That’s why I keep laughing because when people get my Instagram deleted, or people want to micro-inspect what I do, ya’ll are just adding fuel to the fire,” she explained.

“If you’re mad about what I said in those episodes, baby, just buckle up, because it’s going to get even worse. It just makes me laugh. I will never let what someone thinks about me affect me.

“I just laugh because you have to be truly miserable. Ya’ll are probably old, has-been twinks, 40 years old, no hairline, practically bald, no friends, with mommy and daddy issues. I get it, you’re mad. I feel bad for these people, I really do.”

Over the last few years, the Drag Race fandom has seen an increase in toxicity across social media.

Back in 2021, Drag Race UK star Sister Sister wrote an op-ed detailing the “graphic” online abuse she received from vile trolls.

Asia O’Hara, Brita, Silky Nutmeg Ganache and The Vixen have also been open about the hate they received from “fans.”

In response to the various instances of toxic behaviour, World of Wonder’s Instagram page addressed the Drag Race trolls with several pointed statements – including, “If you can’t love our queens, STFU,” and “Kindness is cool.”

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