Maddy Morphosis has responded to fans criticising her for wearing flats on the Drag Race runway last week.

In the second episode of season 14, seven more queens sashayed into the Werk Room and were tasked with competing in the talent show.

Maddy performed a guitar solo for the judges, complete with her playing the strings with her tongue.

For the ‘Sickening Signature Drag’ runway, Maddy opted to wear a look that gave the illusion she had been beheaded.

To do this, she had to be hunched over to appear as though she was carrying her own head and as such decided to wear flats on the runway.

Although none of the judges seemed angered by her choice, some fans instantly took to social media to slam the queen for the choice.

One tweeted: “Black flats under navy dress? I know MM is from Arkansas, but even then. No, ma’am!”

“Maddy Morphosis wore flats on the main stage and no one said a word… that is straight privilege,” another Drag Race fan stated.

Other viewers recognised that Maddy wearing heels would have been incredibly difficult with her look.


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“For everyone reading @MaddyMorphosis to filth for the flats there’s no way the head trick would’ve worked right in heels. Maybe sitting for a photo but shocking piece of info: real women wear flats so why can’t queens,” one questioned.

Another added: “I loved the flats. It added realism to the time piece you were giving. Women back then didn’t wear 4 inch + heels guys.”

Maddy responded to the mixed feelings about her shoes in a series of tweets.

“I know y’all won’t believe me but, I shit you not, Michelle actually liked my flats,” she wrote on 15 January.

The following day, she shared a close up look of the shoes and joked that people criticising them are “jealous”.

Maddy added: “All of you reading me for my flats are just jealous cuz you can’t afford them.”

Responding to Priyanka, the first winner of Canada’s Drag Race, saying she can’t wait to watch the episode to see the controversial footwear, Maddy remarked: “They’re not actually flats. They have a 6mm heel.”

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