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Social media is on the rise. Whether it’s video live-streaming or audio-driven content, younger audiences are getting stuck into the virtual world to follow the latest trends, topics and top videos. As the internet continues to grow with its endless opportunities and avenues, platforms like Yubo have launched to help younger users safely self-express and navigate the digital world. Set up in 2015, Yubo has become a platform dedicated to celebrating individuality, creating a friendly community, and inspiring a new generation. Yubo is striving to create an online space that supports and uplifts the growing LGBTQ+ community online.

Yubo has continued to commit to making its platform welcoming to diverse LGBTQ+ users across the globe. Since April 2020, 2.8 million Yubo users feature the Pride Flag in their bio and the app has hosted more than 1.45 million live streams discussing gender identity, sexuality, LGBTQ+ politics, debates, and more. Zach, 20, is an ambassador of Yubo. They work alongside the platform to “be there for other LGBTQ+ youth” and “encourage a dialogue about things that are going on in today’s society”. Speaking to GAY TIMES, Zach explains how the new social media app has supported diverse users. “Yubo has guided me to find my true friends, both in person and through the app. I’ve made hundreds of connections across the world. Yubo has always been a safety net; the people I meet are so sweet, kind, and generous,” they say. “It’s always been amazing to meet new people or go live with my friends through the app because we have candid, open conversations, and support each other although we may be thousands of miles apart.”

Finding a safe and accessible social media platform in today’s environment can be difficult and overwhelming. With its dedicated Gen Z userbase, Yubo aims to make this inclusion second-nature for the LGBTQ+ community. Zach picks up on why it’s vital to have an app with the capacity to ensure a welcoming, inclusive environment online. “When one comes out as part of the LGBTQ+ community and tells their friends and family, it’s like pulling back a curtain; you see people for who they truly are and see who you want to keep and who you want to get rid of in your life,” they explain. “Yubo gives users the option to meet like-minded people, who will be there for you despite not knowing you physically and can often provide support and comfort you may not get from your community, family, or friends. It’s the family you can choose.”

Alongside creating an inclusive online environment, Yubo is moving ahead to make the video platform directly more accessible and representative of diverse LGBTQ+ users. The app will be available in multiple languages, allow users to pick from 50 pronouns and 35 genders. Zach highlights why this landmark inclusivity is necessary for a social media platform. “It is absolutely a landmark. Coming out recently as non-binary queer, Yubo’s inclusive platform has helped in my journey. Their addition of pronouns and genders means that social media platforms are showing increased support for the LGBTQ+ community,” they say. “If you’re a 15-year-old trans woman creating a profile, it’s disappointing to have to choose a gender and pronouns when there are no fitting options. More social media platforms need to work on having gender and pronoun options available; the more inclusive the app, the more people will join.”

You can read more about Yubo’s movement to make social media for representative here.