Birdie Silverstein is stepping into the spotlight alongside mom Busy Philipps in the new Amazon title With Love.

Birdie is set to play a non-binary recurring character in the show. This will be the 12-year-old’s first major acting role since guest starring in Philipps’ hit series Cougar Town. 

Series creator Gloria Calderón Kellett took to Twitter to express her excitement for the casting announcement.

“More casting news. I first met Birdie when they were a baby. It is thrilling that I now get to have them on my little show,” she wrote.

Like their character, the young talent also identifies as non-binary and uses they/them pronouns. 

Back in 2020, Philipps talked about Birdie’s coming out journey on her podcast Busy Philipps Is Doing Her Best

“For those of you who are my friends listening at home, this is the first time you’re hearing that Birdie is gay and out,” she said.

“Birdie told us at 10 years old and we immediately… I mean obviously, I knew that Birdie knew.”

Philipps also opened up about doing a “bad job” using their pronouns in public because she wanted them to be in control of their identity. 

“I said, you know Bird, I’ve been doing a bad job with the pronouns because Birdie said that they would like their pronouns to be they/them,” she said.

“I haven’t been doing it because I have this public persona and I want Birdie to be in control of their own narrative and not have to answer to anybody outside of our friends and family if they don’t want to.

“Then Bird was like ‘I don’t give a f***, you can talk about that I’m gay and out. You can talk about my pronouns. That would be cool with me. That’s great.”

The new Amazon series With Love will follow siblings Lily and Jorge – played by Emeraude Tobua and Mark Indelicato – as they navigate their love lives and purpose in life. 

The one-hour series also stars Isis King, Constance Marie, Benito Martinez, Vincent Rodriguez, Rome Flynn, Desmond Chaim and Todd Grinnell.  

Get your popcorn ready because we are in for an LGBTQ+ treat. 

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