What happens when you put eight leading LGBTQ creatives on a luxury cruise ship?

We found out when we followed some familiar faces onboard Celebrity Edge as they travelled around some of the Mediterranean’s most beautiful destinations this past summer.

As part of a new five-part series titled Trailblazers, the eight queer creatives set sail to key LGBTQ European destinations including Barcelona, Valencia, Ibiza, Nice, and Rome.

The series culminates in the third annual Pride at Sea onboard Celebrity Edge, featuring a guest interview from Adam Rippon.

For broadcaster and author Riyadh Khalaf, this is his first time setting foot on a luxury cruise ship.

In this first episode, he explores the Celebrity Edge with his partner Josh Harrison, anticipating the trip ahead and meeting the group of LGBTQ travellers they’ll be enjoying the trip with.

“We’ve come to together on this gorgeous ship, experienced amazing new cultures and developed relationships that you would only really ever get from seeing the world with other people,” said Josh.

Watch as the couple explore their new luxurious surroundings, as well as discuss how the ship acts as a safe space for the queer group of creatives to relax, get to know each other, and travel the world.

Launching daily on GAY TIMES and Celebrity Cruises social media channels from 30 September until 4 October 2019, each mini-episode of Trailblazers paves the way for a perfect LGBTQ travel experience.

The cast includes: YouTuber and broadcaster Riyadh Khalaf and his partner Josh Harrison; presenter Helen Scott and life coach Char BaileyJimmy Essex and Charlie Simmons, a couple from the music and entertainment industry; and last but certainly not least, vogue dancer, Jay Jay Revlon and his best friend, podcast presenter Lee Gray.

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