When was the last time you went willingly to a barbershop or salon to wait for your friend while they got their new do?

Don’t lie to yourself – that last time wasn’t willing, you were just promised drinks after. Now we have that out of the way, we want to tell you about one place you can go and wait and not find yourself falling into a YouTube black hole out of boredom.

Blade Soho is a salon that treats everyone who goes there as though they were a paying customer – even if you’re only there to see how they salvage the savagery that happened to your friend’s hair last week at the hands of their housemate.

With friendly and attentive staff, the presence of the owners majority of the time and a bar (yes, hun, you can sip while your friend gets a snip), you can forget about boredom altogether. We had the pleasure of heading there to see what it was all about and found there was a lot more to this salon than haircuts and cocktails.

The owners, Stroo and Julia Olofsson truly poured themselves into Blade Soho and have created an environment that is welcoming and fun to be in whilst also making it a successful business!

Stroo, with his interest in mixology and being part of a band wanted to make sure that the salon was somewhere that people felt at welcome and relaxed. This is reflected in the great music choices and his talking you through the extensive drinks menu as well as his making custom cocktails to suit your taste. Julia, who grew up watching her mother do hair in their family home, also wanted to create a home-like environment and in that, selected members of staff who are not only able to do the job, but chat to you and educate you on what they are doing as they go along. Not to worry though, if you’re there for hours and want to zone out, each seat has an iPad just next to it so you can feel free to catch up on the drama on Drag Race or state affairs in Designated Survivor on Netflix (or if you’re like us, get all the T from Wendy Williams’ Hot Topics on YouTube).

All in all, Blade Soho is definitely somewhere you should go if you want a good cut and great vibes.