United Airlines’ elevated dining experience soars International Business Class to new heights

From ‘ahh’ to ‘zzz’

Earlier this month, United Airlines took a leap forward in redesigning their inflight Business Class experience for those fortunate enough to take flight with them.

Inviting GT along to the gastronomic venue of Cooks Academy, we experienced ourselves the fresh and diverse food, drink and experience that’s to be made available to us all as part of the new Polaris International Business Class. And in a setting on the Irish shores, it was suitably fitting that one of the leaders of the project is Dublin-born Gerry McLoughlin. Now Senior Manager of Food and Beverage Design at United, he also acts as the Executive Chef for the airline.

But what makes this different to any other airline? And what changes are coming? Well… In a global route for US airline passengers, it will serve 330 destinations in more than 50 countries.

Business Class passengers can enjoy a locally influenced in-flight menu that is changed as each season passes, so the style of food you’re about to experience on your travels will be matched by the joys of what’s on your plate as you travel there.

Additional offers will include an upgraded wine experience that’s brought to you exclusively by United’s Master Sommelier.

Launched to all us happy flyers on 1 December, the new luxury lifestyle which features bedding from  Saks Fifth Avenue, an exclusive lounge in Chicago and even fresh amenity kits, is pushed out onto the Boeing 777-300ER and later 787-10 and Airbus A350-1000. Boeing 767-300 and 777-200 refits also expected to feature.

Now, that’s something to shout about as you take flight with United Airlines!




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