Why should the first class experience end on the plane? We enjoy a very special trip to Ibiza

There’s always an air of anticipation on touchdown at Ibiza airport, wondering what your visit to the party island will bring. But why leave it to chance? Concierge is the hottest word in travel right now and, on an island as fast-moving as Ibiza, it makes sense to enlist experts with local knowledge and an enviable contacts book to make sure your time is well spent.

Chic Ibiza Villas, as their name suggests, not only offer some of the island’s most stylish properties, but also a concierge service that can arrange anything you can think of – and quite a lot you couldn’t. And the experience starts as soon as the arrival doors open and the heat hits.

There’s no jostling for local taxis on the airport forecourt as World Entourage (worldentourageibiza.com) are already waiting, sliding open the doors of their blacked-out Mercedes SUV to whisk you through the crowds. They’ll be on call throughout your stay, with drivers as tough-looking as they are courteous, and a range of executive vehicles that make Obama’s motorcade look low-end.

Sweeping out of the airport and round into Las Salinas, through acres of flat water mirroring the sky, we head to our base hidden in the cool, foliage-dense hills of the picturesque nature reserve. As you’d imagine in such a protected area, building is rare and it’s a surprise to find an architect-designed villa nestled among the trees.

Villa Skyfall is cool and minimal, with an interior of polished concrete, suites that cover whole floors and layers of terraces, with a pool and lounging areas that blend into the exotic gardens surrounding it. Just a short walk down the valley lies Es Cavallet, the island’s most fashionable gay beach. MTV have filmed there and it’s hard not to look around and think of all those pool parties depicted on the channel. Concierge have already read your mind…

Skyfall villa terrace.

Skyfall villa terrace.

Cinema Paradiso Ibiza

Cinema Paradiso Ibiza

The kitchen is already bustling and in-villa catering experts Dalilicious (dalilicious.com) have been preparing the artful and exotic food they’re in such demand for. They can be arranged to cater for your whole stay or just a special occasion, with personal chefs on-site taking care of everything.

The sound of corks popping from the living area announce that The Bar Ibiza (thebaribiza.com) are already getting the party started, with full bars set up in strategic locations and barmen–slash–supermodels circulating with drinks. All that’s needed now is an Ibiza soundtrack.

Forget just cranking up Spotify. The concierge have bigger and better ideas and have arranged a sound system and Pacha-resident Graham Sahara to DJ.

As the sun sinks and the stars become visible in the purple sky above the hills, the party is on and it powers past the early hours until the sun begins to split over the horizon again.

After three hours sleep, it’s sunglasses on the terrace and the chef-prepared breakfast is certainly a lot fresher than we are. Over the valley, the coast is shimmering, just visible through the heat haze. After the night before, it looks really inviting.

A quick dash in the air-conditioned SUVs and we’re on a Sunseeker yacht, bouncing over the surf and speeding towards the iconic natural landmark of Es Vedrà. It’s amazing how revitalising the coastal ozone can be, so it’s not long before Ibiza classics are pounding out of the yacht’s sound system and we’re dancing on deck next to the mythical rock formation. As an added twist, concierge have arranged with Boats Ibiza (boatsibiza.com) for a second, more agile speedboat to shadow our yacht in case we feel like a spot of waterskiing, or just roaring across the Med, jumping over the Sunseeker’s wake. It’s an invigorating afternoon, setting us up perfectly for the night ahead.

There’s a thoughtfully organised grooming team to tend to those who need it at the villa – speedboats and sea spray really mess up the hair – before heading off to Bambuddha (bambuddha.com) for dinner. It’s an enchanting place, akin to dining in an illuminated bamboo forest with Asian fusion cuisine, inventive cocktails and a glamorous but relaxed crowd that move between tables to socialise as the night progresses. But it’s time to down the last Bali Sake Fizz and pay homage to an icon of the island.

Pacha (pacha.com) has had a nightclub on Ibiza since disco was originally in the charts, and is as cherished by the locals as it is the international crowd. Concierge have assured special treatment, so we’re ushered straight past a resentful-looking queue to a private area within touching distance of the DJ. There’s no queuing at a bar either, as our table is already laden with ice buckets stuffed with spirits and mixers, with a dedicated staff member to attend to any needs. There’s room enough to dance too, overlooking the main floor, so we’re set for the night and emerge again to another rising sun and another three hours sleep.

David Guetta, F••k Me I'm Famous at Pacha

David Guetta, F••k Me I’m Famous at Pacha

Amante Beach Club

Amante Beach Club

As becomes the pattern in Ibiza, a big night is followed by an urge for reviving nature.

Amante (amanteibiza.com) is set over three open and cascading levels, clinging to dramatic cliffs overlooking Sol d’en Serra bay. It’s a special place, made more so by being the lone occupant of the bay. It’s as beautiful and serene as you’d want a beach club to be, with food so fresh that it felt like there were 50 of our five-a-day in the starter alone.

After such little sleep and despite all Ibiza has to offer, sometimes you still just feel like curling up and watching a movie. Back at the villa, it’s time to do just that – but with a special twist supplied by thoughtful concierge.

As the sun sets again, a full-sized cinema screen has been set up next to the pool by Cinema Paradiso Ibiza (cinemaparadisoibiza.com). As candles flicker in the grounds, we snuggle down on beanbag beds to watch a movie under the stars, with a cocktail in one hand and the other trailing lazily in the swimming pool. What time does Pacha open again tonight?

GT travelled to Ibiza from Stansted, stanstedexpress.com. GT stayed in Villa Skyfall with concierge courtesy of Chic Ibiza Villas, chicibiza.com. Villa prices vary due to location and season. Concierge fee is 10% of services and experiences arranged.



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