The best gay travel apps

Gay travelling couple Stefan and Sebastien are here to help you on your travels with some of their favourite apps.

This time around, we’re looking at the ones they found most useful during their 18 month trip in Asia.

Booking your flights: Skyscanner

Skyscanner one of best apps for travellers

Skyscanner is our #1 resource for researching flights and finding the best deals online. They also have a very user friendly app. We like it because it’s the most comprehensive of all flight search engines, including budget airlines like Air Asia and Easyjet, thereby maximising your options.

Researching the gay scene: Vespa 

Vespa one of best gay travel apps

Vespa is an excellent app for discovering the gay scene in each new destination.

It covers 300 cities in 70 countries and tells you which parties and events are happening and other useful information like happy hours, address of each bar and also allows users to leave reviews for each bar.

Converting currency: XE Currency

XE Currency useful mobile app for travelling

A crucial app for every traveller, especially if you struggle with currency conversions! It’s user friendly and works really well offline as well.

Connecting with gay locals: Grindr

Grindr useful gay travel app

In countries where there is little or no gay scene, the gay dating apps literally become the scene and therefore the best way to find out where to go/what’s happening.

Grindr is the most well known. There’s so many of them (Hornet, Scruff, Jack’D) but Grindr is our favourite because it’s the most well known and used.

Thanks to Grindr we’ve made many friends throughout our travels in Asia and discovered underground events in countries where homosexuality is illegal, such as the gay scene in Delhi.

Booking a gay friendly appartment: Misterbnb 


Misterbnb one of best gay travel mobile apps

Misterbnb app great for finding gay friendly apartments to stay

Misterbnb is the Airbnb equivalent for the LGBT community. Unlike Airbnb you know your host is gay (or at least gay friendly) and another great way to connect and meet with gay locals.

It’s easy to use and the website also offers useful destination gay guides.

Once you have signed up, you can download the app, or use the mobile friendly version of their website and choose a stay.
Sign up here.

Grindr not working? Get a VPN! Express VPN

Express VPN one of best gay travel apps

A VPN is a way to connect to the internet via a foreign server. They are cheap, easy to set up and very important in countries where the government has banned certain websites.

For example in parts of the Middle East, Grindr is blocked without a VPN, or in China, you need a VPN to access anything related to Google (like Gmail, Google Maps), Dropbox, Facebook, YouTube etc

ExpressVPN was our favourite because it’s cost effective and works well, particularly in places like China and the Middle East.
iPhone download   Android download

Conquer the language barrier: ICOON

ICOON useful mobile app for gay travellers

ICOON is a really useful app to help conquer language barriers by listing pictures of everyday objects you may need by category.

Ever got into a taxi in Xi’An and tried to explain you needed to go to the airport but driver doesn’t understand any English and your Mandarin isn’t any better? Simple: show him a picture of the airplanes on the ICOON app and voila!
iPhone download   Android download

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