Learn how to swim like a mermaid in Boracay with the Nomadic Boys

Learning to swim like mermaids on Boracay

The Nomadic Boys learn to swim like mermaids on Boracay island in the Philippines

Boracay in the Philippines is a unique place.

Why? We hear you ask. Well, you can take a mermaid swimming lesson of course!

Where else in the world can you dress in a monofin and learn to swim like a mermaid on a tropical beach?

Learning to pose and swim like mermaids on Boracay

The Nomadic Boys are Stefan and Sebastien, a gay couple from London. In June 2014, they left their lives and jobs to travel the world. Their gay travel blog features their experiences and plenty of advice.

Here’s what the boys got up to when they visited the Philippines…

We love romantic experiences during our travels and Boracay is a great destination for it. Places like Mandala Spa even offer rainbow packages targeted to gay couples, which we booked for Seb’s birthday.

But when we saw a Korean couple flapping about like mermaids on Boracay’s busy White Beach, our immediate “WTF?” reaction, was quickly replaced with intrigue and curiosity.

We both grew up marvelling at Daryl Hannah in Splash and singing along with Sebastian, Arial and Ursula in that famous Disney film. And, finally, here was our chance to recreate those childhood dreams. So, with excitement, we booked our very first mermaid class.

Learning to pose and swim like mermaids Boracay

Stretching to warm up.

Swimming like a mermaid is hard work. It involves a lot of core movement and upper body strength as the legs are bound together by the monofin. The muscles need to be warmed up before starting to prevent any cramp. Our rather attractive teacher began our mermaid class with a quick stretching session.

Dressing up and getting into the water.

With the muscles warmed up, we were ready to dress up and go. The monofins are elaborately decorated and very delicate. Stefan wore pretty purple and Sebastien a more… Masculine[?], green.

With our fins well fastened, it was time to get into the water and learn to swim like a mermaid!

Mastering the mermaid monofin

Swimming like a mermaid is hard work, particularly on the core. The legs need to remain straight but not locked and your arms stretched out in front of you. You then move with a subtle ripple like wave effect throughout your entire body from your legs, core and all the way to your stretched out arms. By the end of the lesson, we were exhausted and welcomed the final part of class: posing like mermaids.

swim like mermaid lessons Boracay

Mermaid school ended up being one of the most most unique birthday experiences, which neither of us will ever forget.

Posing and learning to swim like mermaids Boracay the Philippines

If you want to connect with Nomadic Boys, check out their Facebook page.



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