This travel firm wants to save gay holidaymakers from awkward experiences is a travel firm dedicated to LGBTQ customers founded by former journalist Darren Burn…

They claim to be the first travel agency to cater specifically for the LGBT community.

Darren was spurred to set up because of his experiences while travelling with a boyfriend.

Darren explained why this venture is important. “It is always in the back of your mind when you check in to a hotel that it might be difficult or you get awkward questions like ‘Do you want two single beds or separate rooms?’,” he said.

“Also there are some countries where homosexuality is illegal or very much frowned upon and there isn’t really much information for gay people about gay-friendly options. I wanted to do something to change that.”

He is backed by travel entrepreneur Ross Marshall, who wants Out Of Office to be the go-to for the gay community. “With the legalisation of gay marriage in the UK and in many countries worldwide, there is great potential for us to lead the way in the gay honeymoon market,” he said.

Now all we need is a husband to take on the honeymoon…



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