If you’ve never been on an LGBTQ cruise, this is the perfect moment to try one out

If you’ve never been on an LGBTQ cruise, then why the hell not?

And if you have never been on an LGBTQ cruise, then this is the perfect moment to bust your cruising cherry as the whole concept of LGBTQ cruises just got a major upgrade.

VACAYA is a brand new company and they’re starting right at the top by commissioning the five-star Celebrity Summit, one of the fanciest of all the mega cruise liners, and one that’s just been given a multi-million-dollar total refit, to go where no cruise ship has ever gone before. Provincetown Carnival.

Yes, one of the best-loved LGBTQ hot spots in the known world is getting ready for a ship-load of L, G, Bs and Ts who – and this is another first – will be doing a sleepover in Provincetown.

Setting sail from New York City on 11 August, VACAYA will be heading north for a seven-day party setting down in Saint John in Canada, Bar Harbor (which sounds promising!) in Maine and finally Provincetown, which will be in full carnival mode.

With two full days at sea (that’s days without a stop-off) and an all-star line-up of entertainment including Leslie Jordan (yes, Beverley Leslie from Will & Grace) and Broadway star Kristin Chenoweth, VACAYA is balancing travel to interesting places with partying, pool-jinx, eating and drinking all in the most elegant of surroundings and with only our people to get along with.

It’s like a holiday within a holiday and as anyone who’s been on an LGBTQ cruise will tell you there are only two types of people: those who go on cruises all the time and those who’ve never been on one. Time for you to jump ship.




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