36 Of The Best Nike Sportswear Gifts To Buy The Fittest Person You Know

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As well as some great gifts for those of us who just like to pretend.

When it comes to Christmas shopping, it can feel like a fairly insurmountable task at first. After all, with so many personality types to shop for at this time of year, where does one begin? Luckily, it helps that not all personality types and hobbies were created equal - shopping for sports fans, for example, can feel as easy as completing your first burpee*. 

Whereas last Christmas we were locked out of the studio and having to make do with the occasional Joe Wicks PE lesson on YouTube, this year we’re back working on our health game (or at least attempting to), meaning there’s no better time than now to be investing in feel-good fitness gifts that make staying on the path to our PB that much easier. But where to look? 

When you think of shopping for sports accessories and activewear, chances are your mind immediately races to one of the top athletic brands out there: Nike. After all, even if the concept of a deadlift feels completely alien to you, the avid shopper, there’s an exceedingly good chance you’ve got a pair of Air Force 1s or similar in your trainer line-up. Honestly, even your Grannie would recognise that swoosh come Christmas morning, making it one of the best destinations for finding a crowd-pleasing gift for gym-goers - and gym avoiders for that matter.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect performance gear for a marathon-training mum or a flashy new set of equipment for the hardest working HIIT enthusiast your living-room has ever seen, discover our round-up of Nike gift ideas perfect for anyone keen to work on their workouts in 2022. Don’t worry, we’ve thrown in some street-style worthy sneakers for the Fitbit shy while we were at...

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*More than two burpees, infinitely harder.