20 Of The Fanciest Designer Gifts Ideas To Buy Yourself Because Valentine's Day Isn't Long Enough 

Image by: Flannels

Valentine's day has been and gone - but we're still feeling the love...for ourselves. Explore our edit of the finest designer threads and luxury gifts from Flannels, deserving of the real love of your life - you. 

It was the great Ru Paul Charles who once declared, 'If you can't love yourself, then how in the hell are you going to love somebody else?'. And whilst we can give that statement an almighty Amen, we'd be lying if Valentine's Day doesn't sting if you're flying solo. Whilst the usual love-fest looked a little different this year as cosy restaurant tables for two sat empty amidst the ongoing pandemic, we could still all do with a bit of extra love right now. That's why we're declaring 2021 as the year for going all-out on the self love, with grand gestures galore and presents that declare love for yourself just that little louder.

Here at Gay Times, we've been using our time indoors to ponder on what we really, really want this year - and we haven’t held back. So if, like us, luxury accessories, branded clothing and the most coppable kicks rank top of your current wish-list (we knew we liked you), you’re going to go all heart eyes emoji over our gifting edit. Just one look at all this Prada, Gucci and Burberry - conveniently sourced from Flannels - and you’ll be head over heels. After all, the past year has been hard on us all and a little self-love in the form of a Valentino bum bag is actively encouraged, if not absolutely demanded. 

Scroll on to see which pieces have captured our hearts right now, from trending Balenciaga trainers to spice up in your daily walk to bejewelled face masks that are so 2021 it hurts. Because why would you trust anyone else to give you the gift you deserve?

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In the current climate, casualwear is the one category worth investing in. This dyed washed overshirt is the ideal blend of laidback-cool to see you through to spring.

The perfect present for hypebeast baes, the brand's technical knit-sock design is its signature - and one of the most coveted street styles to date.

Because we won't be stuck inside forever. Slick shades are top of our wishlist for all of summer 2021's getaways, and they don't get much better than Tom Ford.

How do you tell someone you love them? With a Prada bag, that's how.

Jewellery is the kind of present you give to someone when you're getting serious, and this Viv bracelet - complete with a single Swarovski heart shaped crystal to the centre - says commitment to yourself like no other.

Small but mighty, this Burberry mini boasts maximum storage with a spacious main compartment and front pocket making this a practically purchase (promise).

Crafted from leather and suede with an extra chunky sole, this is a luxury take on a classic shape that will go with absolutely everything. What's not to love?

Hygiene, but make it fashion. Stay extra safe with a totally extra accessory - the true sign of affection in current times.

When looking at the world through rose-tinted specs is officially ok.

Wrap up in love or, failing that, this iconic cashmere Burberry scarf - the perfect choice for your next daily walk outdoors.

We're spending more time on our phones than ever so let's at least make it chic. This Prada cover should do it. The ideal way to work a little luxury into your look at all times.

Investing in designer footwear can feel frivolous unless done right. You'll get endless wear out of these Prada Monolith leather boots, from winter legging and coat combos to summer's floral midi dresses.

Wearing your heart on your sleeve is so last year. Try wearing it slapped on your chest a la Comme des Garcons' iconic Play collection, complete with gooey-eyed heart motif.

If you're the lucky one on the receiving end of this Balenciaga Hourglass Chain bag, you value yourself highly - and we're here for it.

These iconic chunky sole Prada's are to be treasured above all else - that means no dashing through puddles on the common, thanks.

While it remains cold outside, and most of us do our best to resist the urge to turn the heating up, it pays to layer up. Whilst we begrudge paying more our bills, we'll never feel bad about forking out for a Burberry silk scarf.

Further evidence that the best things come in small packages, this useful Burberry monogram wallet may only be a simple gesture, but it's a slam dunk of a gift.

Think of the Jimmy Choo Bing as Julia Roberts in the red dress in Pretty Woman, but in shoe form.

Bumbags aren't just for festival season (remember them?). This leather logo design from Valentino is a vibe on every occasion.

Look, we know luxury is, well, a luxury. If you're on a tighter budget, a logo emblazoned phone case from their favourite brand is a gift they'll appreciate all the same.

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