Coach Have Designed An Amazing Charity T-Shirt To Benefit The UK’s Most Underprivileged Youth

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With 100% of profits going to UK Youth, this Coach charity tee looks good and does good too. Discover more about Coach’s brilliant partnership - and see how we'll be styling the tee - now.

Fashion has had a bit of a bad rep of late, with sustainability and waste being at the forefront of everyone’s concerns as we strive for a better future all round. That’s why more and more people are leaning towards buying less, buying better and making their purchases count - the team at Gay Times included. Whilst in some instances that means saving our pay packets for premium pieces that’ll last a lifetime, other times it’s buying second hand or - in this instance - investing in fashion with a positive purpose. 

It might send a slightly softer message than a picket line or placard, but the slogan T-shirt has a rich history when it comes to making a serious statement. From Vivienne Westwood’s political prints in the 70s to Katharine Hamnett's iconic designs of 80s (she famously shook hands with then-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in a T-shirt that read ’58% don't want Pershing, a stance against nuclear missiles), the baton has now been passed to the luxury giants Coach. And boy - is this one a goody. 

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Fresh from announcing the imitable Jennifer Lopez (that Superbowl performance, tho) and Michael B Jordan as their global ambassador, now Coach have launched their Dream It Real initiative, geared towards supporting the next generation all around the globe (the UK included!). Whilst its undoubtedly less political than its slogan predecessors, it spreads a positive message for tangible change. Launching on Friday 7th February, the psychedelic 70’s-infused unisex design not only looks the part (it’s the perfect nod to this spring’s retro vibe, after all) but it does the world of good too. 

100% of profits from sales will be donated to Coach’s charity partners, including UK Youth - a grass-roots organisation whose mission is to help underprivileged youth unlock their potential through extra resources, coaching and support. It aims to break down barriers they face daily, from mental heath to education; homelessness to language - barriers that can only be harder to break without a LGBTQ+ supported environment. Frankly, we can’t remember a time when our day-to-day outfit did so much good.

You can see the unisex style in all its glory modelled by the likes of Michael B Jordan and the red carpet icon that is Billie Porter, as well as supermodel Koki who is giving us some style inspiration by pairing hers with a chic leather trouser. The overwhelming majority of the Gay Times team, however, are in agreement that this charity tee was tailor-made to go with this season’s trouser comeback kid, the flare. Totally groovy, right? Yeah, alright, any denim will do.

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