If You Were Wondering Which Tablet To Buy For Christmas, Portal Go Is It - Here's Why

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We’re all familiar with video calling – it’s all we’ve known for the past two years. But this tablet takes it to a whole new level...

During the first lockdown, the original Facebook Portal became a firm favourite for my family – like it did for so many. Keeping us all in touch with those closest to us who were so far away with video calling that didn’t freeze or cut out, Portal was a simple and effective solution that just worked. Thanks to this clever bit of tech, even the most clueless parents and grandparents could video call with complete ease - a big relief for anyone who, like me, ran out of patience for my Mum’s chin-first angle extremely quickly. Fast forward to today, I am still obsessed with Portal, if not more so – because there’s a new Portal on the block.

It’s now good to go...

With our lives on the go more than they were in March 2020, we need something that moulds into our new, more mobile lives – which is why Facebook created the Portal Go. This new and improved family favourite is a 10-inch tablet with a built-in battery that can be unplugged and moved around the house, making it more of a tablet than previous. Sure you could argue that you could use your phone to video call in this way, but you don’t need me to tell you how rubbish it is. Poor signal, bad camera angles, bad sound? Nah, you’re alright.

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Same Smart Camera and sound

Don’t worry though, this new model still has the same unique Smart Camera that automatically pans and zooms so you can chat hands-free and know that you're always in frame. If someone enters the room, it widens to keep everyone in view.

It makes it easier than ever to stay in touch with family

With my family and friends all spread out across the country, the Portal Go is perfect for us because it means I can stay in touch with my nan in Cornwall, my auntie in Bedfordshire, and my best friend at university in Scotland all while I’m making a cup of tea, working at my desk, baking muffins in the kitchen, or sitting on my balcony wrapped up warm. I’ve had none of my family or friends over since I moved house just before the pandemic, which means none of them have seen the frankly gorgeous decor I got to work on over the many months in isolation. But thanks to the new Portal Go I’m able to give them all a full flat tour – showing them everything from my tiger print wallpaper, to my second-hand upcycled desk and my renovated balcony which has recently undergone the ultimate festive transformation. And naturally, a showcase of this level requires the best sound, pictures and everything else going, thank you very much.

All the extras you need from a tablet

Like all trending tablets, you need a few extra details to make it worthwhile and Portal Go has got the lot. Kids will love the ability to transform any call with AR masks and backgrounds from Disney, Marvel and more, or watch their Gan-Gan become the star of their bedtime stories with music, animation and special effects. Adults will be more interesting in smart home features. Need a hand? Just ask - the built in Alexa can help you control your smart home, check the weather or get the low-down on the latest news without lifting a finger. Sign in to your Spotify, and fill any room with your favourite music courtesy of the new High Fidelity audio. It’s also got Zoom installed for work, and a whole host of handy day-to-day apps. 

I can tell you now that the Portal Go will be a firm fixture among my family and friends this Christmas. I’m even planning a Christmas dinner with my closest family members so that we can all enjoy a meal together on the most special day of the year – perfect for those who live far away, or those who are still too nervous to mingle just yet. New Year’s Eve can be special too thanks to the Portal Go, because I can show my nan the fireworks over London from my balcony – all the while she’s down in Cornwall. 

So whether you’re looking to invest in a sleek new tablet, or you’re hunting out the perfect Christmas gift, this is one tablet that won’t disappoint. Better still, Portal are offering £50 off the Portal Go for Black Friday, and up to £90 off for the rest of range.

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This article was created in partnership with the brand, but all views and opinions are our own.