Our Not-So-Secret Style Hack For Staying Warm This Winter 

Thermals have been given a thoroughly modern makeover, thanks to Uniqlo's cutting-edge Heattech range. 

There are two types of people in this world: the ones who think 20 degrees is an acceptable room temperature and those who do not. I am someone who longs for that extra degree like you wouldn’t believe in the winter months, while seemingly every person I’ve ever lived with refuses to turn on the heating until the sound of my chattering finally becomes too much to bear. As such, I’ve had to work hard to bridge the temperature gap over the years and, while an extra jumper here and there can help, there’s nothing that hits the spot quite like thermals.

As a kid, I had a base layer under my school shirt and it’s a keep-out-the-cold tradition that has stuck with me into adulthood. Only, the thing is, even the best thermals have always looked and sounded completely naff so it’s not something I’d ever admit to wearing in a hurry (this confessional internet-wide article notwithstanding). Luckily those secretive layers have come a long way to the point that, these days, they needn’t be secretive at all. And it’s brands like Uniqlo who we have to thank.

When I say ‘like’ Uniqlo, I really do mean that Uniqlo has the monopoly on modern thermal layers. Since its launch way back in 2003, Uniqlo has sold more than 1bn pieces of it’s signature Heattech line worldwide: affordable tops, trousers, knits, leggings and socks that have become a style staple for the chill-afflicted. It uses cutting edge fibres which cleverly use moisture released by the body to retain heat to keep you warm in colder months without the need for bulky clothing. There’s the regular Heattech which is perfect for those of us who just need a little boost, an Extra Warm version that’s 1.5x warmer than standard and 2.25x that was tailor made for the sort of conditions Martin Lewis has been scaring us about since summer. And while there are base layers within the line, Uniqlo has developed its fabric tech into a fashion statement that is all its own – pieces that are warm and stylish enough to wear alone.

Discover the best of them below.

Discover Heattech

Big hitters

Jumpers and roll necks that have a bit more going for them

Thin base layers and tops

Tops you can tuck into trousers, vests you can wear under shirts.

Leg essentials

Do better by your legs with trousers, leggings and tights that keep out the cold

Winter Warmers

Take care of your extremities with heat-keeping accessories

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