The Freshest Swimwear To See Out The Rest Of Summer In Style

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Got a getaway on the cards? Squeeze every last drop out of your pool time with these essential luxury men’s swim styles from Vilebrequin. 

Don’t be fooled by what retail tells you – autumn isn’t here just yet. While plenty of brands are ushering in their coats and urging us to wave goodbye to summer, the fashion calendar rarely lines up with reality. In September, kids go back to school and inflated holiday prices finally go down meaning an overwhelming number of us still have our big getaway to look forward to. Lest we forget, it is currently 30 degrees in Ibiza, and the closing parties aren’t until the first week of October. So frankly anyone who insists that we swap trunks for woollen trousers yet is having a laugh.

So instead of drip feeding you the jumpers you’ll need to combat the rocketing energy prices, we’re bringing your attention to the feel-good threads you still want to invest in ahead of your upcoming trip. For brilliant swimwear and poolside linens that prolong that summer feeling a little longer, look no further than Vilebrequin.

Founded in 1971 in Saint-Tropez, Vilebrequin's stellar all-year-round lineup of swim styles sings with the spirit of the Cote d’Azur. Think vibrant colours and punchy prints, underpinned with uncompromising luxury for what will surely be the best pair of trunks you’ve ever tried on. Each pair of men’s shorts goes through 32 scrupulous manufacturing steps to ensure they meet the brand’s sky high standards, spanning ancestral and modern printing techniques through to hand-crafted details and assembly. And it’s not just swimwear – there’s luxury linens, streetwear collaborations with the likes of Palm Angels and BAPE, loungewear, the lot. Everything you need to make it through the airport and out the other side with a drink in hand.

Still yet to turn on your Out Of Office this year? Whether you’re getting on a plane to Italy or hopping on the train to your local lido while you still can, scroll on to discover the luxury swimwear you need to keep the summer dream alive.

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Vilebrequin x John M Armleder Gra Trunks

Vilebrequin has some excellent collaborations under its belt, case in point this perfect pair from their capsule with Swiss performance artist, John M Armleder. The Gra is inspired by his renowned “Pour Paintings” series, canvases coated in various materials that appear to have been assembled by chance while retaining a striking formal appeal verging on abstraction.

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Vilebrequin x The Woolmark Company Merino Wool Swimwear Super 120's

An innovative product developed in collaboration with The Woolmark Company, these suave shorts use Merino wool – no, seriously - to enhance performance and reduce environmental impact. As it so happens, wool's natural properties such as breathability, UV resistance and softness make the natural fibre ideal for swimwear.

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Vilebrequin x BAPE® BLACK Bandana Turtle Trunks

In this summer's hottest swimwear collab, Vilebrequin looks across the water for a hook up with Zeitgeist favourite BAPE® BLACK, the high-end collection from Japanese label A BATHING APE®. The outcome? Turtles meets paisley - a match made in poolside heaven.

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