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Prime Video

The hit LGBTQ+ series The Wilds has been cancelled after two seasons. 

Back in 2020, Prime Video released the first season of the young adult survival series to critical acclaim. 

The show follows a group of teenage girls who become stranded on an island following a plane crash. 

Towards the end of season 1 (spoilers ahead), the group discovered that they were part of an elaborate social experiment led by the insidious Gretchen Klein.

While critics lauded The Wilds for its intricate storytelling and diverse cast, the series also received praise for its LGBTQ+ characters and plotlines.

It was even nominated for an Outstanding Drama Series at the 2021 GLAAD Media Award. 

On 6 May, the show returned to the popular streamer for its highly anticipated second season. 

After eight stressful episodes – which also featured a new group of all-boy survivors – the season ended with an explosive cliffhanger regarding the character’s fate on the island.

On 28 July, a possible third season was dashed when Deadline announced that Prime Video cancelled the beloved series. 

Shortly after the news broke, fans took to social media to express their sadness over the cancellation. 

One user wrote: “It’s not even just the wilds I’m sad about, it’s that lesbians never win. Time after time our representation is cancelled because we’re not important enough.” 

Another user tweeted: “Prime Video made a huge mistake cancelling the wilds. It’s rare to have a female-led show with a diverse cast AND queer, specially lesbian, representation. Fix this mess. Give us our show back.”

The cancellation of The Wilds comes a couple of months after co-showrunner Amy B Harris opened up about what she wanted to explore in season 3.

“I’m very excited to see how these two groups, who have really coalesced in a very strong way, protecting one another, taking care of one another, fighting with one another, how when these two groups kind of smash together, the chemistry and the explosions that will possibly come from that are very exciting, and I’m really eager to explore,” Harris told TV Line in May. 

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