The raunchy coming-of-age comedy Big Mouth has released its fourth season and has added a new transgender character to its cast roster

The new character of Natalie is played by Saved By The Bell actress Josie Totah.

Trans comedian and writer Patti Harrison also assisted with the creation of Natalie and her story arc on the new season.

Season 4 starts off with the main characters attending sleepaway between their 7th and 8th grade school year. Totah’s character is introduced as an old friend from a previous summer but has since come out as trans.

Throughout the season, Natalie and her friends find themselves exploring their new friendship dynamic through awkward and heartwarming scenes.

Natalie opens about her trans journey with fellow camper Jessi during a heart to heart saying: “When I first started going through puberty, it was like this monster showed up.”

During her story, Natalie touches on her identity evolution, pointing out the influences of Freddie Mercury and Lady Gaga.

She then goes on to describe how going through puberty as a boy felt uncomfortable.

“It was like I was vibrating at this weird frequency all the time, but then I found this forum for trans kids and it was like, ‘that’s who I am,'” she continued.

Critics have viewed Natalie as a refreshing representation of the trans community.

“Give us more characters like Natalie who do more than suffer and teach life lessons. I had no idea Big Mouth was going to deliver a great trans character, but now I hold it up as a model of how to do representation right,” said Samantha Allen from them.

Totah took to Instagram to express her excitement for the new season and her character stating: “Meet Natalie! This season was so much fun and I am obsessed with these episodes.”

Make sure to tune in to Big Mouth season 4 on Netflix.