Meghan Trainor has broken her silence over accusations that she stole Shea Couleé’s sandwich during her appearance on Drag Race.

The I Believe in Santa hitmaker was a guest judge on the ninth season of the show back in 2017.

Her appearance was instantly met with controversy, as fans and cast members on the season noted that she “didn’t seem like she was excited to be there.”

Trinity the Tuck, who was there for the episode and later went on to win season four of All Stars alongside Monét X Change, opened up about her experiences with celebrity judges on a podcast in November 2020.

“Meghan Trainor was to me just like disrespectful, like not, not as in like a diva per se,” she explained at the time.

“Like she came on set. I actually, I didn’t see her on set. She came on the judges panel and when we weren’t filming, she just was very blase.

“And like, didn’t seem like she was excited to be there.”

Trinity went on to claim that Meghan “stole one of the girl’s sandwiches on set from catering.”

The queen added: “Like most judges are excited to be there, and [are] present and there. And she just was like, you know, ‘yeah, whatever.’

“And so it just wasn’t, she just didn’t come across as respectful or, or, you know, interested.

“And, and she stole one of the girl’s sandwiches on set from catering. She just wanted it. And she’s like, ‘I’m going to take it,’ I don’t know if she probably didn’t even know it was theirs, but yeah, she took one of their sandwiches that, and one of the girls didn’t have their sandwich.

“They had to go get their food elsewhere.”

In a playful tweet to Drag Race alum Aja in May 2018, Shea shed some light on these allegations – appearing to confirm she was the victim of the apparent sandwich theft.

“NO we’re not,” she wrote. “I was told it was YOU who ate my sandwich off the craft services table and not Megan Trainer. And I thought we were sisters!”

Now, almost five years after her appearance on the show, Meghan has shared her side of the story.

“Lmao…why,” she wrote alongside some emojis in a comment on Rob Anderson’s viral TikTok about her appearance, “didn’t eat anyones sandwhich hahahaha i promise.”

The singer also took the opportunity to address the controversy over her opting to wear a unicorn onesie on set.

“Also never meant to disrespect anyone,” Meghan added. “I was in the middle of my tour and had zero time to do a fitting and get an outfit and asked the show i could wear my unicorn onesie lol and they said yes. So sorry.”

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