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TVB, a television broadcasting company in Hong Kong, is set to air the first-ever gay dating show in the region this November.

Actor Vinci Wong will act as both the producer and host of the series, The Straits Times reports.

The 50-year-old toasted the show, titled Boyscation, in an Instagram post on 7 October.

“The most important chapter of my TV career,” he wrote. “The most extraordinary attempt in Hong Kong TV history.”

Boyscation is expected to air on TVB’s J2 channel and will see 10 diverse contestants from all different backgrounds look for love.

After coming out in 2013, Wong married his long-time boyfriend in 2016 and shared that he has been wanting to work on a series like this for some time.

Speaking to the Oriental Daily News, he revealed that TV executives he discussed the idea with were supportive of the concept.

Wong got to be involved in choosing which contestants participate and is hopeful it will show the LGBTQ+ community in a positive light.

“I hope there will be more channels for the younger generation to express themselves and that more people will understand the community,” he shares.


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Wong continues: “I hope to do my part to help the community since I have the opportunity, experience, time and resources.”

On 25 June, the high court ruled that married same-sex couples in Hong Kong are now allowed to own government subsided housing together.

It marked a huge win for the region’s LGBTQ+ community, but the fight for LGBTQ+ rights in Hong Kong is far from over.

Homosexuality is legal in Hong Kong, but same-sex marriage and civil unions are not recognised, and the country falls behind with anti-discrimination laws in non-government jobs, adoption and surrogacy.